Ebishima Station - Hokkaido

Ebishima Station (恵比島駅) is a train station that is popularly known as a filming location for the TV drama and later on movie Suzuran. It is located at 357 Ebishima, in the town of Numata in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.


Ebishima Station 

Ebishima Station Details

Ebishima Station was opened in 1910 as a general station on the Fukagawa Station - Rumoi Station Railway In-Ryumo Line. It served as a branch station of the Rumoi Railway Totsu Station - Tachibetsu Station after 1930. However, in 1971, the Rumoi Railway was abolished, and Ebishima Station was left abandoned. It was inherited by JR Hokkaido in 1987 due to the division and privatization of JNR, but passenger operations were unmanned.

Ebishima Station - Numata town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Travelers can experience a piece of history by visiting this abandoned station. The station building has been reconstructed and serves as a freight train station building. In addition, it was used in the filming of NHK's serial TV novel "Suzuran," as well as "Tenamonya Ekicho Struggle", "Hyoten", and recently Netflix’s original TV drama “First Love”. Many sets were set up for filming, including a life-sized wax figure on the platform side. The filming location for the former Kurose Ryokan, which appeared as "Nakamura Ryokan" in "Suzuran," is also open for observation.

Ebishima Station building

The station is known as Ashimoi Station in the drama Suzuran

The station's name is believed to be derived from the Ainu language, meaning "head [water source] is in the beach." It refers to the Ebisu River, a tributary of the Horo Shintachibetsu River, which flows near the station.

Asumo no Kane

Ebishima Station
Ashimoi Station

Welcome to Ashimoi

You might be shocked to see a life-like mannequin inside the station. Its clothes are changed every now and then

Inside Ebishima Station

Rumoi Main Line

Ebishima Station is now permanently closed as of April 2023 due to the abolition of the closure of the Rumoi Main Line. Regardless, visitors can still visit the station but to enter it, visitors should contact the Numata Industry Creation Division Commerce and Tourism Group.

The Nakamura Ryokan in front of the station

Team Nicerio visits Ebishima Station

My family and I first visited Ebishima Station on September 9, 2022, as part of our September 9-11 Road Trip. It was my 312th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Our visit was completely unexpected; we only stopped because I was curious about how the station looked as we drove by, so we returned to check it out. It was only later on that I found out that the station was a popular filming location. Hence, our short visit was totally worth it.

Ebishima Station Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore the Ebishima Station grounds. If you wish to enter the station, you need to contact the Numata Industry Creation Division Commerce and Tourism Group.

Direct phone number: 0164-35-2155
Facsimile: 0164-35-2393
E-mail address: syoukou@town.numata.lg.jp

Ebishima Station Operating Hours

Ebishima Station is “permanently closed” as a station after the Rumoi Main Line ceased operations. However, the station building is open on special holidays like Golden Week.

Why visit Ebishima Station?

Travelers looking to experience the unique history of Hokkaido should add Ebishima Station to their list of must-visit sites. There might be nothing much to do here but if you are a big fan of the TV series and films mentioned above, then you should really include this station in your itinerary.

Getting to Ebishima Station

Ebishima Station was once easily accessible via the Rumoi Main Line which runs from Fukagawa City to Rumoi City. Sadly, the line was already discontinued last March 31, 2023. 

Today, the best way to get to Ebishima Station is by private vehicle. From Numata town proper, drive towards Route 549.




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