Ishikari Hachiman Shrine - Hokkaido

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine (石狩八幡神社) is the main shrine of Ishikari City. It is located at 1 Bentencho, Ishikari City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine details

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is steeped in history and culture. Established in the 19th century, this Shinto shrine was built as a sub-shrine of the Hakodate Soja Hachimangu Shrine and was later moved to its current location.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine - Ishikari City, Hokkaido Prefecture

The first thing that you will notice when you arrive at the Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is the impressive shrine’s architectural design. The shrine is designed in the shinmei-zukuri architectural style, which is a traditional Japanese style of architecture that is characterized by a simple and pure construction approach. The main hall of the shrine is constructed entirely from wood, with a thatched roof and white walls. The purity of the design gives the shrine an ethereal vibe, which will immediately transport you to another world.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine main torii

The chozuya

The faucet of the chozubachi is a unique-looking dragon head

30th-Anniversary Monument

The Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is dedicated to two deities, Honda Wake no Mikoto and Kurane no Mikoto, both of whom are believed to provide protection and good fortune. The deity of Honda Wake no Mikoto is associated with martial arts, while Kurane no Mikoto is associated with agriculture. When you enter the main hall of the shrine, you will see an altar where the deities are enshrined in a dot form. It is customary to bow twice, clap your hands twice, and then bow again when praying at a Shinto shrine in Japan.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine Main Hall


The ema or prayer boards are hung on the Main Hall

One of the unique features of the Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is its annual holiday, which is celebrated on September 15th. This day marks the anniversary of the founding of the shrine and is a time for the community to come together and celebrate. During the festival, you can witness traditional dances and performances by local artists. The atmosphere is lively and colorful, making it a great time to visit the shrine.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine komainu statues

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine un-gyo

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine a-gyo

The shrine area is spread over 1067 square meters, and it has about 20,000 households as parishioners. As you explore the grounds, you will come across other features like a stone lantern, a koi pond, and a sacred tree. The serene surroundings and the natural beauty of the site make it an ideal place to meditate and connect with nature.

Team Nicerio visits Ishikari Hachiman Shrine

My family and I visited Ishikari Hachiman Shrine during our Mashike – Ishikari Road Trip last September 4, 2022. It was my 307th day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. As part of our travel custom, we visit the main shrine of our destination to pay respect and offer prayers. My daughter and I also have a special tradition of making 3 wishes every time we visit a new shrine or temple. In a way, it is our father-and-daughter activity when traveling.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine Fees

It’s FREE to enter and explore Ishikari Hachiman Shrine grounds. However, you need to pay if you want to avail of the goshuin or charms.

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine Operating Hours

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine grounds are open 24/7. However, it is better if you visit in the morning as the place is not well-lit at night.

Why visit Ishikari Hachiman Shrine?

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is a must-see destination for anyone who enjoys visiting shrines. This historic and cultural site gives visitors a glimpse into Japan's ancient past and its deep spiritual traditions. Whether you're here to pay homage to the deities, witness the annual festival, or simply absorb the tranquil environment, the Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is a remarkable place that will leave an unforgettable impression on you.

Getting to Ishikari Hachiman Shrine


From Sapporo JR Station, walk to Kita 7 Jo Nishi 1 Chome bus stop and ride the Ishikari Line bus of Chuo Bus Company. 

Ishikari Hachiman Shrine is a 10-minute walk from Ishikari bus stop, the last stop of the Chuo Bus bound for Ishikari City.

Travel time: 1 hour and 5 minutes
Fare: 700 yen




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