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Road to JET 2021: Timeline

Road to JET 2021: Timeline October 1, 2020  - Application for 2021 JET Programme was opened for Filipinos. I learned about it through the Facebook Page of the Embassy. I downloaded the application files and other requirements from the  Embassy of Japan in the Philippines Website . You can click this  LINK  to check it out. I downloaded the following files: Application Form (Word)  Application Guidelines (PDF)  Attachment Chart Sheet of Application (PDF)  Self- Report of Medical Condition (s) (Word)  Statement of Physician (Word)  The deadline for submission: January 8, 2021 . October - November 2020 - I worked on completing my requirements. Luckily, I have a copy of my Transcript of Records and Certificate of Graduation. It would have been challenging to acquire them as the country is facing COVID 19 pandemic and most schools are closed or has limited manpower.  November 9, 2020 - I contacted and informed my superiors about my plan and also asked them for the reference letters. Just

Road to JET 2021: Intro

Road to JET 2021 What is the JET Programme? JET Programme stands for Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme . It is a Japanese government initiative that aims to promote mutual understanding between the people of Japan and other nations. The program also aims to promote grassroots international exchange between Japan and other nations.  JET Programme started in 1987 and was exclusive mostly to native English-speaking countries. The program eventually expanded to become one of the largest exchange programs in the world having already invited thousands of educators, coaches, and coordinators for international relations. The JET Programme was opened to the Filipinos in 2014. Since then, the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines already sent around 200+ JET participants to Japan.  Do you want to know more about the JET Programme? Read more by clicking this LINK .  Road to JET 2021: Intro After my first visit to Japan way back in 2014 , I have dreamt of coming back to stay longer and hopef

One Fine Day in Tagaytay

What I love about traveling, aside from seeing new places and experiencing new cultures, are the opportunities that I get to meet new people. It's also a great way for me to promote my country to other people.  One Fine Day in Tagaytay Last September 2019, I was lucky enough to be sent to Singapore for the five-day Google Innovator Program . I met tons of amazing people in the said event and got quite close to some of them. One of them was Sophie Tai who is an awesome Googler based in Taiwan.  Sophie and Paola during our Google x Singapore 2019 stint Since she frequently hangs out with us team QSR guys, she kinda became our adopted member and a part of our "gang". During one of our chats, we happened to talk about the beauty of the Philippines . She opened up that she's actually planning to visit this 2019 or early next year. I told her to send me a message if her plan would push through and I'd be glad to show her around. First stop:  Bag of Beans Tagayta

The Glampbox - Quezon

Located in Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya, Unisan in the province of Quezon, The Glampbox is a  beach resort along Malatandang Beach offering the unique glamping experience. The Glampbox The Glampbox Details Construction of The Glampbox started sometime in 2019. It was opened to the public on September of the same year.  The number of guests grew as they continue to promote the place using social media platforms. Since the FB page of The Glampbox is very active in social media, I sent them a message asking about the history and their mission. The Glampbox - Unisan, Quezon When I asked about the history of The Glampbox , their official FB page responded: " It started with the idea of building a small beach with a unique setup. The owner decided to make a concept out of something that had been his hobby for years - outdoor camping and videography. He started building the idea with the help of his family and his partner." They also added:   " Our mission is to promote the to

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