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Talay Falls - Laguna

Talay Falls  is one of the three scenic waterfalls located in Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana in the province of Laguna, Philippines . Talay Falls Talay Falls details Talay Falls is a two-tiered waterfall, with the highest drop being 20-25 feet. Compared to the two other falls in Barangay San Salvador, Talay Falls is probably the shortest / smallest. Regardless, it's still quite picturesque. Aside from that, it's also the first of the three that you'd visit if you're doing the Tri-Falls Adventure.  Talay Falls - Luisiana, Laguna From the jump-off point, it takes around a 20-30 minute hike on a fairly straightforward trail to reach the falls. There are no challenging ascents nor descents during the hike but you will have to cross a mini-dam that doubles as a bridge. There is nothing to be scared about this mini-dam during the hot summer days but if it's rainy, the water current here is strong so be careful not to slip. The trail is muddy during the rainy season. C

Hulugan Falls - Laguna

Hulugan Falls  is the tallest and largest of the three waterfalls found in Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana, in the province of Laguna, Philippines .  Hulugan Falls Hulugan Falls details Hulugan Falls stands around 285 feet tall and as mentioned is the tallest and largest of the waterfalls in Barangay San Salvador. Aside from that, Hulugan Falls is also the nearest to the jump-off point.  The name Hulugan Falls comes from the Filipino word hulugan which translates to  " to fall " which probably stems from the idea or fear of falling over the waterfalls.  From the jumpoff point, expect a 15-20 minute descent if you plan to go straight to Hulugan Falls. If you visited Talay Falls and Hidden Falls, expect several river crossings to reach Hulugan Falls. It was rainy and muddy during our visit Be careful the trail could be slippery. This is probably the most challenging part of your adventure. Almost there! According to our guide Tatay Juaning, Hulugan Falls was once known most

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