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Okazaki Shrine - Kyoto

Located at 51 Okazaki Higashitennocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Okazaki Shrine  ( 岡崎神社 ) is a small Shinto shrine dedicated to the deities Susano-no-Mikoto and Kushinadahime-no-Mikoto and their children who are enshrined in this shrine. Okazaki Shrine  ( 岡崎神 社 ) History of Okazaki Shrine Susano-no-Mikoto is a well-known figure in Japanese mythology. He is known for saving Princess Kushinada from the monster Yamata no Orochi . Eventually, Susano-no-Mikoto and the princess married and they, along with their many children became deities and were enshrined in Okazaki Shrine and many other shrines in Japan.  Okazaki Shrine Torii Okazaki Shrine chozuya and lanterns Okazaki Shrine history board Miyashige Inari Jinja Okazaki Shrine , formally called Higashi Tenno Okazaki , despite its relatively small precinct size, is actually one of the oldest in Kyoto. It was built around 1200 years ago during the time when the city was still known as Heian-kyo.  Okazaki Shrine as see

Heian Shrine - Kyoto

Located at Nishitennocho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Heian Shrine ( 平安神宮 )    is one of Kyoto's most popular shrine. Heian Shrine   ( 平安神宮 ) Heian Shrine History  Heian Shrine also called Heian Jingu , was built in 1895 to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the city. The shrine is actually a 5/8 scale reconstruction of the original Imperial Palace which was built when Kyoto was founded in 794. Aside from the vermilion-colored shrine building, there are other notable things to see in Heian Shrine like the giant Torii located 500 meters in front of the shrine. This Torii , although far from the shrine, is actually the main entrance to Heian Shrine.  Heian Shrine - Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Heian Shrine's Outenmon Gate Heian Shrine Otorii Gate Heian Shrine's Outenmon as seen from the history board near Nijo Dori Heian Shrine's Outenmon as seen from Reisen Street Then there's the vast Shin-en Garden , which is the only

Tofukuji - Kyoto

Located at 15 Chome-778 Honmachi, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Tofukuji ( 東福寺 )   is the head temple of the Tofukuji School of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism.  Tofukuji  ( 東福寺 ) Tofukuji History Tofukuji was founded in 1236 by the priest Enni . The temple grounds cover an area of 200,000 square meters. It is presently home to the Hojo (Abbot's Hall) the huge San-mon (temple gate) and 24 sub-temples.  Tofukuji Rokuhara Gate Tofukuji Sanmon Aside from these, you can also see the spectacular checkboard-patterned garden in the temple grounds. However, to view the garden, you have to pay the 400 yen entrance fee for the Hojo and its garden.  A closer view of Tofukuji Sanmon   Tofukuji Zen Hall A closer view of Tofukuji Zen Hall Tofukuji Kuri Another part of the temple ground worth checking out is the Tsutenkyo (Bridge to Heaven) and the Kaisando . It is worth noting that the Tsutenkyo was one of the filming locations of the Japan edition music video of Clean

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