Pippu Shrine - Hokkaido

Pippu Shrine (比布神社) is the main shrine of the town of Pippu. It is located at 4 Chome-20-2 Shinmachi in the town of Pippu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. It celebrates its annual holiday on August 1st.

Pippu Shrine

Pippu Shrine details

Pippu Shrine was founded in 1899 by volunteers mostly from Shiga, Kagawa, and Ehime Prefectures who settled in the wilderness of what is now Pippu with the desire to develop Hokkaido. After establishing a community, the settlers started the construction of a small shrine on Mt. Setana on the banks of the Ishikari River.

Pippu Shrine - Pippu town, Hokkaido Prefecture

After several decades, a small shrine was also built in the town area. Festivals were held to pray for the success of reclamation, the safety of the family, and the prosperity and protection of the hometown.

Pippu Shrine's main torii

Pippu Shrine

Pippu Shrine's chozuya

Pippu Shrine's chozubachi

In 1923, the current shrine building was completed, and the two shrines were jointly enshrined at the relocation ceremony. Then in 1953, Pippu Shrine became a religious corporation under the jurisdiction of the Shinto Shrine headquarters.

Pippu Shrine Main Hall

Pippu Shrine Monuments 

Daisetsu Couple Dosojin


Pippu Shrine Komainu

Pippu Shrine Komainu 1

Pippu Shrine Komainu 2

At present, Amaterasu Omikami is the only enshrined deity in Pippu Shrine. The shrine also has a total shrine area of about 125.4 square meters and is currently serving about 1644 households. Pippu Shrine is known as a shrine for matchmaking, fertility, and strengthening relationships between partners.

Team Nicerio visits Pippu Shrine

There were massive pumpkins on display when we visited

My family and I visited Pippu Shrine for the first time last September 17, 2022, which was the first day of our 3-day Respect for the Aged Day Road Trip which is also my 46th weekend as an ALT under the JET Programme. As part of our family tradition of visiting any religious building for the first time, we paid our respects and offered a prayer. Before leaving we were shocked to see giant pumpkins displayed outside the shrine office. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with it.

Pippu Shrine Fees

It’s FREE to enter and explore Pippu Shrine grounds.

Pippu Shrine Operating Hours

The shrine grounds are open 24/7. However, like most shrines, the shrine office is open from 9 AM to 4 PM only.

Why visit Pippu Shrine?

Pippu Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Pippu, most of the townspeople would go to it during New Year celebrations and also special events. If you believe in shrine energies and the like, it is said that there are rocks with great power that are enshrined here which are popular for couples.

Getting to Pippu Shrine


From Asahikawa Station, you can ride the bus or the train to reach Pippu Shrine.

By train:

Ride the Soya Line at the Asahikawa Station and board down at Pippu Station. From there, walk for about 1.1 kilometers to reach the shrine.

Travel time:
 14 minutes
Fare: 440 yen

By bus:

From Asahikawa Station. Ride bus #1 of the Nayoro Express Line. Board down at Pippu bus stop. From there, walk for about 700 meters to reach the shrine.

Travel time: 43 minutes
Fare: 530 yen




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