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10 Things to Do in Takikawa City

10 Things to Do in Takikawa City Takikawa ( 滝川市 ) is a city in the Sorachi Subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan . Takikawa City gets its name from the Ainu term " Sorapuchi ," signifying the "area under the waterfall." Located along the mid-streams of the Sorachi River, this region boasts a unique topography with a small waterfall caused by a difference in elevation. The Ainu people aptly named it " Sorapuchipetsu " (Taki no kawa), meaning the " waterfall river ," and hence, the area became known as Takikawa. For those planning to visit the city of Takikawa to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Takikawa City : Takikawa Manhole Covers 1. Take a picture of the  manhole cover of Takikawa . So far, I have seen one unique manhole cover which is common in the Sakaemachi District. There was also a colored manhole cover inside the Takikawa Tourist Information Center but it was moved to Takikawa Town Hall according to the staff. Takik

Takikawa Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Takikawa Roadside Station ( 道の駅 たきかわ ) is one of the 128 roadside stations spread across Hokkaido. It is located at 11 Chome-13-3 Ebe Otomachi Higashi, Takikawa City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Takikawa Roadside Station Takikawa Roadside Station details Takikawa Roadside Station was established in 1999 as part of the "Michi no Eki" (Roadside Station) project, a national program in Japan to create rest areas along highways to promote local tourism and showcase regional products. It was given the registration number 58. Takikawa Roadside Station - Takikawa City, Hokkaido Prefecture Takikawa Roadside Station ’s location along midway National Route 12 makes it an ideal place to rest if you are driving from Asahikawa to Sapporo or vice versa. Takikawa Roadside Station  ( 道の駅 たきかわ )  The parking area can hold around 50 - 60 vehicles.  Takikawa-theme vending machines Inside Takikawa Roadside Station Fresh produce corner Roadside Station Stamp area Meat products Unique eggs I

Takikawa Shrine - Hokkaido

Takikawa Shrine ( 滝川神社 ) is the main shrine of Takikawa City. It is located at 1 Chome-1-12 Ichinosakachohigashi, Takikawa City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Takikawa Shrine Takikawa Shrine information In July 1890, a group of 440 Tondenhei, or military settlers, embarked on a journey and established a sacred place known as the Shinrei Yohaisho on the picturesque Ninosaka Hill. This humble beginning marked the early stages of what would later evolve into the revered Takigawa Shrine . Takikawa Shrine - Takikawa City, Hokkaido Prefecture Just three years later, in August 1893, the shrine underwent significant development as the main shrine structure was erected atop Ninosaka Hill, officially becoming known as  Takigawa Shrine . This new location provided a serene and elevated setting for worship and reverence. However, in February 1903, the decision was made to relocate Takigawa Shrine to its present site in Ichinozakachohigashi, ensuring its continued growth and accessibility. Takika

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