Arashiyama Observation Deck - Hokkaido

Arashiyama Observation Deck or simply Arashiyama Observatory (嵐山展望台) is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those who are looking for amazing views. It is located at 9 Sen in the town of Takasu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Arashiyama Observation Deck

Arashiyama Observation Deck details

Arashiyama Observation Deck’s history began in 1957 with the free leasing of a national forest area administered by the Asahikawa Forestry Office. Since the region is designated as a watershed forest and scenic protection forest, it was established as a scenic park in November 1965, with attempts to conserve the forest and keep it as a recreational area with greenery on the city's outskirts. It is roughly 5 kilometers west of Asahikawa city center and has an elevation of 253 meters. It is said that it got its name because it resembles Arashiyama in Kyoto.

Arashiyama Observation Deck - Takasu town, Hokkaido Prefecture

There is no public transportation that would bring you to the observation deck. The only way to reach it is by private vehicle or on foot. Regardless, once you reach the observation deck, you will be greeted by an expansive view of the surrounding mountains and Asahikawa City below. The view is simply awe-inspiring, with Asahikawa’s concrete jungle surrounded by hills and mountains stretching out as far as the eye can see. On a beautiful day, the scene would truly be one for the books.

The road going to the parking area is mostly unpaved

Arashiyama Observation Deck parking area

Akita Michi Monument

The map of the Arashiyama Observation Deck and its surrounding area

A monument near the observation deck

The manmade pathway from the parking area to the observation deck

The Arashiyama Observation Deck is also a great spot to witness the night view of Asahikawa and the fireworks display during the summer festivals. I highly recommend that you visit the deck in the early morning or late afternoon to experience the golden hour and capture stunning photos of the landscape covered in a golden light.

The Observation Deck

Arashiyama Observation Deck
On a clear day, these are the places that you would see from the Arashiyama Observation Deck

View from Arashiyama Observation Deck

If you are a nature lover, you will appreciate the wildlife surrounding the Arashiyama Observation Deck. The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including deer, red foxes, and several species of birds. Keep your eyes peeled for these animals as you explore the area.

Team Nicerio visits the Arashiyama Observation Deck

My family and I visited Arashiyama Observation Deck for the first time last September 17, 2022, which was the first day of our 3-day Respect for the Aged Day Road Trip which is also my 46th weekend as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was also our first destination for the day. It was a challenge to reach the observation deck area as the path was unpaved and we were afraid that some jagged rocks might damage our tire but thankfully we managed to come and leave in one piece. It was a perfect early morning destination as the fog hadn’t lifted yet in some areas. The view is also breathtaking and sadly my phone camera can’t capture the whole picture of its beauty. Given a chance, I would like to revisit this place sometime at night to see the beauty of the city's night lights.

Arashiyama Observation Deck fees

It’s FREE to enter the Arashiyama Observation Deck. Parking is also free.

Arashiyama Observation Deck Operating Hours

Arashiyama Observation Deck is open 24/7.

Why visit the Arashiyama Observation Deck?

The Arashiyama Observation Deck is a breathtakingly beautiful spot that offers a spectacular view of Asahikawa City. Whether you are looking for adventure or just want to soak in the stunning scenery, this observation deck is a must-visit destination. 

Getting to the Arashiyama Observation Deck


As written earlier, there is no public transportation that can bring you directly to the observation area. 

You can ride bus #59 of the Shinagawa Line of the Dohoku bus company from Asahikawa Station and board down at the Arashiyamabashi Bridge bus stop. From there you need to walk to the Arashiyama Observation Deck for about 40 minutes depending on your pacing.

Travel time by bus: 30 minutes
Walk: 40 minutes
Fare: 420 yen




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