Akaigawa Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Akaigawa Roadside Station (道の駅 あかいがわ) is one of the 128 roadside stations located around the prefecture. This roadside station is located at 190-16 Miyako, in the village of Akaigawa in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

道の駅 あかいがわ
Akaigawa Roadside Station

Akaigawa Roadside Station Details

The Akaigawa Roadside Station is located along National Route 393 (Maple Highway 393), which links the Sapporo and Niseko Donan areas. During the Meiji through the early Showa eras, this region housed the government-run Eki-teisho and served as an important transit center both then and now. The Akaigawa Roadside Station was registered as a roadside station on April 15, 2015. It was given the registration number 115.

道の駅 あかいがわ
Akaigawa Roadside Station - Akaigawa village, Hokkaido Prefecture

The roadside station has a Farmer’s Market that offers agricultural items cultivated with the utmost care by the village's farmers, including vegetables grown in the caldera basin's distinctive terrain, which is unusual in Japan, and rice grown in the clean waters of the Yoichi River.

The mini-park behind the roadside station

Akarin - Akaigawa's Mascot

Akaigawa Miyako Direct Sales Store / Farmer's Market

In the spring, asparagus is available, and in the summer, tomatoes, maize, and pumpkins are accessible.

Inside Akaigawa Roadside Station

Aside from that Akaigawa Roadside Station also houses the first bakery to open in the village. The bakery sells freshly baked bread prepared with local ingredients.

Akaigawa Pokemon Manhole Cover

It features the Alolan Vulpix with Vanillite and Mime Jr

The Akaigawa Roadside Station also houses one of the 35 Pokemon Manhole Covers in Hokkaido. It features the Alolan Vulpix with Vanillite and Mime Jr.

Team Nicerio visits Akaigawa Roadside Station

Ella with Ms. Taeko and Akarin

Ella with Mr. Corn

My family and I made a brief stop at Akaigawa Roadside Station last August 21, 2022, which was the 3rd day of our “From Osaka with LoveRoad Trip with our Japanese family. During our visit, there seems to be a farmer’s fair. There were a lot of locally grown produce that were sold at a very low price. There were also some games where kids and kids at heart enjoyed and won agricultural products. As for me, I was able to take a photo of the Akaigawa Pokemon Manhole Cover for my collection and also get the roadside station stamp for my Hokkaido Stamp Rally collection.

Akaigawa Roadside Station Stamp

Akaigawa Roadside Station Stamp

Akaigawa Roadside Station physical stamp for the Hokkaido Stamp Rally

Overall, Akaigawa Roadside Station was a perfect stop during our long drive from Otaru City going to Lake Toyako. We were able to get that much-needed stretch and toilet break here. However, we weren’t able to try out the different products sold at the roadside station as we were in a rush. Regardless, it only means that we will surely return to Akaigawa in the future.

Akaigawa Roadside Station Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter, park, and use the toilet at the Akaigawa Roadside Station. However, I highly recommend that you bring cash when entering the roadside station as numerous products are worth buying.

Akaigawa Roadside Station Operating Hours

The Akaigawa Roadside Station is open from:
8:30-18:00 (May October)
9:00-17:00 (November-April)

The Farmer’s Market is open from 5/1 to 10/31 only.

Why visit the Akaigawa Roadside Station?

If you are collecting roadside station stamps, then the Akaigawa Roadside Station is a must-visit. If not, then the Akaigawa Roadside Station is a place to stop by if you need to rest, do a toilet break, or grab some snacks. Aside from that, you could also buy vegetables and other products at a very reasonable price.

Getting to Akaigawa Roadside Station


From Sapporo Station, ride the Hakodate Line and board down at Yoichi Station. From there, walk for about a minute going to the Yoichi Eki Mae bus stop. 

Ride the  Mura Bus (Tokiwa) and board down at the Akaigawa Roadside Station bus stop (道の駅あかいがわ). 

Travel Time: 2 hours and 36 minutes
Fare: 1,590 yen




Overall rating


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