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Magdalena Church - Laguna

Located near Bonifacio Street in Barangay Tipunan in the municipality of Magdalena in Laguna, Magdalena Church is one of the oldest Spanish-colonial era churches of the province. The church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene . Magdalena Church Magdalena Church Details Also called St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church , Magdalena Church was constructed sometime in 1820. The first church was built using materials that are abundant in the area such as cogon and wood. Its first parish priest was Father Antonio Moreno , OFM who was appointed there in 1821.  Magdalena Church - Magdalena, Laguna In 1829, Magdalena Churc h was rebuilt using sturdier materials like stone, bricks, and adobe. The locals helped in its construction through paying taxes and also by providing labor (forced labor to be exact). The locals quarried stones and sand from the Pagsanjan River for the said construction.  Magdalena Church -  St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church Magdalena Church facade The plaza in front of Magda

Pagsanjan Church Revisted 2021

The first and last time that I got to visit Pagsanjan Church was during our 2015 Laguna-Quezon Visita Iglesia . It was the 4th church that we visited that day. Pagsanjan Church Revisited 2021 Pagsanjan Church Details For those who are not familiar with Pagsanjan Church , it is located in the poblacion of the town of Pagsanjan in Laguna. Pagsanjan Church is formally called Our Lady of Guadalupe . This Spanish-colonial era church was built/founded on November 12, 1687.  Pagsanjan Church - Pagsanjan, Laguna Pagsanjan Church facade Pagsanjan Church NHI Marker Pagsanjan Church Decree of Erection The original church was built using materials such as bamboo, nipa, and wood. It was rebuilt using adobe after only three years. The church underwent extensive renovation from 1847 - 1852. During this time, the Romanesque dome and belfry were built.  Inside Pagsanjan Church Pagsanjan Church interior Pagsanjan Church Main Altar Pagsanjan Church right altar Pagsanjan Church left altar Thro

Caliraya Lake - Laguna

Situated in between the towns of Cavinti, Kalayaan, and Lumban in the province of Laguna, Caliraya Lake is a man-made lake that presently is a famous camping destination.  Caliraya Lake Caliraya Lake details As mentioned, Caliraya Lake is a man-made lake. It was created in 1939 after the US Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Caliraya Dam . The dam was constructed to provide water and generate hydroelectric power for Southern Luzon.  Caliraya Lake - Lumban, Laguna Sadly, the retreating Americans sabotaged Caliraya Dam during the Second World War to prevent the invading Japanese Imperial Army from using it. Although the Japanese managed to rebuild Caliraya Dam, they themselves sabotaged it during the closing years months of the war.  Welcome to Barangay Caliraya The dam was rebuilt by the National Power Corporation in 1593 and the area around it would slowly be developed to become the tourist destination that it is today. Caliraya Lake and its surroundings became a go-to destinat

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