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Rumoi Fireworks Festival 2022: Cultural Adventure

The Rumoi Fireworks Festival is an annual event that takes place in Rumoi Port in Rumoi, a city located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan . Rumoi Fireworks Festival 2022 Rumoi Fireworks Festival details Rumoi Fireworks Festival  is usually celebrated in the first week of August and is one of the most popular summer events in the region. The spectators gather in Rumoi Port The festival typically begins in the late afternoon with a variety of food stalls and carnival games set up for attendees to enjoy. As the evening approaches, people start to gather along the banks of the Rumoi port to secure a good spot to view the fireworks display. Rumoi Fireworks Festival 2022 The fireworks show usually starts around 6:30 pm and lasts for approximately an hour. The display features a wide variety of fireworks, including traditional Japanese shells as well as newer styles like sparklers and multi-colored rockets. The grand finale is typically the most spectacular part of the show, feat

Hokuryu Sunflower Festival 2022: Cultural Adventure

Hokuryu Sunflower Festival 2022 Hokkaido is known for its beautiful nature. Even for the Japanese, Hokkaido is considered the best place to visit when it comes to nature. The prefecture is known for its powdery snow, fresh delicious fruits, and vegetables, and its vast flower gardens. Hokuryu Sunflower Festival 2022 Speaking of flower gardens, the town of Hokuryu in the Sorachi Subprefecture is popularly known for its sunflower village. The Hokuryu Sunflower Village currently has a total land area of 23.1 hectares. From mid-July until mid-August each year, it holds the Hokuryu Sunflower Festival . During the festival, there might be 1.5 to 2 million sunflowers on the field. Sunflower cultivars produced here include hybrid Sunflower, Spring Rinzo, Summer Rinzo, and Hana Rinzo. Team Nicerio attends the Hokuryu Sunflower Festival 2022 Himawari soft cream Hokkaido's Hokuryu Sunflower Festival continues to be a popular summer event. It has a sunflower labyrinth, the Himawari-go sigh

Mashike Fireworks Festival 2022: Cultural Adventure

Summer is a very festive season here in Japan . Most, if not all, towns and cities have their own Hanabi or fireworks festival. Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival 2022 Last July 30, 2022 , my family and I attended our first fireworks festival here in Hokkaido. Together with our very close friend Teacher Kanda the Rumoi elementary school ALT, we drove to the port of the town of Mashike to watch the Mashike Town Noryo Fireworks Festival or Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival . Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival Details Originally, food and drinks were allowed during the Mashike Town Tourist Port Fireworks Festival . There were even years when there were beer parties. However, due to the current COVID pandemic prevention guidelines, eating, and drinking was prohibited and of course, social distancing was required. Mashike Town Noryo Fireworks Festival - Mashike Town, Hokkaido Prefecture There were hundreds of people that came to see the Mashike Fireworks Fe

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