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Ninnaji - Kyoto

Ninnaji ( 仁和寺 ) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto Prefecture, located at 33 Omurooucchi, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan . Ninnaji Ninnaji Details ( WINTER ) According to the written record, the construction of Ninnaji began at the request of Emperor Kouko in the second year of Ninna (886). It was supposedly called Nishiyama Gogonji but sadly the emperor unexpectedly died before the temple was finished. Ninnaji - Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture His son, Emperor Uda , fulfilled his father's wishes and completed the project in 888. The temple was eventually named Ninnaji after the era name. Later in his life, Emperor Uda would decide to be a monk. In the year 900, he abdicated the throne and entered the Buddhist priesthood. He founded a temple in the Ninnaji vicinity called Omuro. Because of this, Ninnaji was also referred to as Omuro Gosho .  Ninnaji's Eastern Gate Vicinity map of Ninnaji Ninnaji's 中門 After his death, the descendants of Emp

Kinkakuji Revisited 2022 - Kyoto

Hey guys! Today's adventure brings me back to one of Kyoto City's most popular and picture-postcard UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Join me on my third visit to Kinkakuji  ( 金閣寺 ). Kinkakuji  ( 金閣寺 ) Kinkakuji Details ( Winter ) For those who are not familiar with Kinkakuji , it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kyoto City. It is also one of the most recognizable and most-visited destinations in the city.  Kinkakuji - Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture The name Kinkakuji means Golden Pavilion and true to its name, it has an iconic pavilion covered in gold leaf. It was built sometime in 1397 as the retirement villa of the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu . It became a zen temple of the Rinzai sect after his death in 1408. Kinkakuji 's 総門 The path from Kuromon Gate to the ticket booth Kinkakuji 's Ticket booth Kinkakuji vicinity map Kinkakuji 's 庫裏 Sadly, the temple was destroyed several times throughout history. The current one is a reconstruction built in 1955 after i

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