Japan Diaries 4: Week 18

Week 18: February 28 - March 6, 2022

Day 119: February 28, 2022

Monday - Rumoi HS Graduation Practice

Rumoi High School 2/28/2022

Hello everyone! It's Monday once again. What's unique about this week was that I don't have collaboration classes the whole week due to the graduation day ceremonies and the entrance exams for the incoming 1st-year students of Rumoi High School. I also don't have to visit school schedules for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Rumoi HS graduation practice 2/28/2022

For today, I only attended the graduation practice. After which, I spent the remainder of the day studying Kanji

Practicing my basic kanji. What are these kanji?

That's pretty much how my Monday went. I'm excited to see the graduation ceremonies tomorrow. However, it's honestly a bittersweet moment for me though as most of the graduating students were close to me already. Regardless, I'm happy that they get to move on to bigger things like work and college degrees. 

Day 120: March 1, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi HS Graduation Ceremony

This is it! The big day for the 3rd year high school students of Rumoi High School. It's their graduation day.

Rumoi High School 3/01/2022

There are no classes today as the whole school invested its manpower in the graduation ceremony. 

Rumoi High School graduation ceremony 3/01/22

This is the first time that I witnessed such a thing here in Japan. Aside from that, it's also the first time that I saw a crowd of almost a hundred people gathering in one place here in Rumoi City. 

Rumoi English Chat Club

After work, I was picked up by Yoko-san of the Rumoi English Chat Club because Adachi san is working overtime. For the club, we talked about the difference between American and British English. 

Day 121: March 2, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi HS Preparation for Entrance Exams

Rumoi High School 3/02/2022

Hey guys! It's my third day straight of not having classes here in Rumoi High School. For today's activity, the teachers were given different tasks to prepare for the 2-day entrance exams starting tomorrow. 

We cleaned the getabako

I also helped clear Kutsumi-sensei's 3-3 classroom

I helped with cleaning the getabako or the shoe cabinets and also clearing Kutsumi sensei's 3-3 classroom of its decorations. 

Day 122: March 3, 2022

Thursday - Rumoi HS Entrance Exam Day 1

Today is the first day of the entrance exams for the incoming 1st-year hopefuls here in Rumoi High School. The whole day is dedicated to written tests. 

Rumoi High School 3/03/2022

The applicants are here... good luck to them!

As for the teachers, we were given yellow ribbons to pin on our clothes so that we can be identified as members of the faculty whenever we are in the hallways. 

As part of the tradition, teachers are also not allowed to leave the campus during the exams. Well, I have nothing to do outside anyway so I spent the whole day studying Kanji.

Day 123: March 4, 2022

Friday - Rumoi HS Entrance Exam Day 2

Today, the applicants in Rumoi High School will go through an interview process. Like yesterday, teachers are not allowed to leave the campus during work hours and just like yesterday, I spent the whole day studying Kanji.

Rumoi High School 3/04/2022

What's unique about today was that the transfer list paper was released to the faculty. This paper contains the list of teachers who would leave Rumoi High School and also the list of the incoming teachers who would replace them. 

The list of teacher transferees was posted on the bulletin board today...

I'm sad to share that 3 of my 6 JTEs in Rumoi High School will transfer to different schools. This includes my supervisor - Kutsumi-sensei who would be going to Date City. The other two are Komai-sensei and Shikou-sensei

Walking back home after a long bittersweet day

Overall, this week is definitely a bittersweet week for me. I have been here less than a year and some of those who became close to me are already leaving. Well, looking at it positively, it is also a chance for me to develop new friendships and connections here in Hokkaido. 

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