Mayon Rest House & Mayon Planetarium - Albay

Located halfway to the peak of the eastern slope of Mayon Volcano and in the jurisdiction of Tabaco City in the province of Albay is the Mayon Skyline View Deck also known as the  Mayon Rest House.

Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planitarium

Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium details

Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium - Tabaco City, Albay

Formerly known as the Mayon Skyline Hotel, the establishment was long been shut down due to the unpredictability of Mayon Volcano. Luckily for the aging establishment, it was preserved by the local government of Tabaco City. The place was also improved by adding the planetarium, zip line, and wall climbing facilities also known as the Mayon Planetarium and Science Park. However, during our visit, it was only the planetarium that was functional. 

Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium as seen from the foot of the volcano

Going up to another area of Mayon Planetarium

Sadly, Mt. Mayon is not in the mood to be seen in this photo

A great view from the parking lot

Mayon Planetarium

The good thing about the Mayon Planetarium (its official name), is that you would only shell out 10 pesos for the entrance fee. The funny thing about it was that I went in expecting to see star systems or anything related to a typical planetarium show but I have seen nothing of that sort. It was the documentary about Mayon Volcano, the story of Daragang Magayon, and the tourism campaign video of Tabaco City that was shown to the visitors.

Team Nicerio visits Mayon Planetarium

Time to watch some video presentation

Some bonsai plants for sale

Well, if you don't want to watch any of those, you could try out the cafe beside the Mayon Planetarium. If you're going to ask me what's special about it, I'd say there's none but you should still try it out especially if you're hungry. Why? Because there's nothing else to try.

Ella enjoyed the place

Although Mayon Rest House is not for those looking for extreme adventures, (or white sand beaches) I highly recommend it for family bondings or dates. Visit it with your loved ones (you should bring your own food though) because it is a great place for picnics and photoshoots (selfies). Aside from having a cool temperature perfect for those who want to escape the humidity of the province, it also offers a stunning view of the City of Tabaco and the beautiful landscape around it.

Team Nicerio visits Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium

For us, it was during the third day of our CamSur - Albay Road Trip last 2014 that we got to visit Mayon Rest House. Sadly,  Mayon covered herself up with clouds. It was so ironic because the whole time that we were in the province we got to see the beauty of the volcano but when we were nearest the volcano that's when we failed to see her. 

Mayon Rest House & Mayon Planetarium Fees

It's FREE to explore the Mayon Rest House grounds. However, as of this writing, you need to pay 10 pesos per person to enter the Mayon Planetarium.

Other fees: 

Parking Fee: 10 pesos
Toilet Fee: 6 -10 pesos
Wall Climbing: 50 pesos/hour

Mayon Planetarium Operating Hours

Mayon Rest House is open from 8AM - 5PM

Why visit Mayon Rest House & Mayon Planetarium?

Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium have the potential to become a top tourist destination for Tabaco City. However, in order for that to happen, it should be continuously developed by adding more facilities and restaurants in the area. There should also be public transportations that would bring those without vehicles up the place. Regardless, Mayon Rest House and Mayon Planetarium offer one of the best views in Albay. It also remains to be the only planetarium in Albay so I hope they improve the planetarium facilities as well

Getting to Mayon Rest House & Mayon Planetarium:

From Manila, ride a bus heading to Legazpi City in Albay. board down in Legazpi's Grand terminal and transfer to a jeepney or van to Tabaco City. 

Sad to say, there is no public transportation the plies directly to Mayon Rest House. The best way to reach it is via a rental tricycle, jeepney, or van from Tabaco City.

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  1. Is the there are regular public utility vehicles plying that route?

    1. Wala po but there are several trike drivers or jeepney drivers who are willing to have their services rented...

    2. How much naman po inaabot kung mag rerent ng trike or jeepney?

    3. Since walang implemented amount ang city government ng Tabaco last time we visited, prices could range from 400 to an exorbitant 1000 pesos. Make sure to haggle before renting a trike.

  2. Thank you so much :) Great Blog anyways very helpful

  3. Do you their operating days & hours? Thanks!

    1. It's open everyday. 8AM - 5PM but you can stay longer if you want to.

  4. Replies
    1. Dati pwede noong resort pa ito. However, hindi ko alam if pwede mag camping dito.

  5. My brother suggested Imight like this blog. He was totally right.This
    post truly made my day. You can nnot imagine just how much time I had slent for this info!

  6. Just passed by your blog while checking on what can be done around Legazpi/Mayon areas. Helpful info! Thank you! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much Allan. =) Thanks for dropping by. =)

  7. Just saw this blog. It was years ago, but is there a parking lot for cars here? And the story of daragang magayon is the legend of Mayon right? Thats nice!

    1. Hi Angelica. There is a parking lot for cars here. =) Actually you can drive up there.

      Daragang Magayon is the story of Mayon. That's true. =)

  8. Hello po,ask ko lng about the wired bonsai in many variety in one pot,how long po ang life nito?is it legit....?

    1. Hi there, sorry I'm not that knowledgeable with bonsai. I was told legit naman raw at di lumalaki. Pero this is not the same bonsai that I see here in Japan.

  9. I hope to see Mt. Mayon then Mt. Fuji 🙏

  10. Hi, would you know if they are also open during holy week (ie holy thursday or good friday)? Thanks!


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