Casa Hacienda de Tejeros - Cavite

Located in Rosario in the province of Cavite, Casa Hacienda de Tejeros is famously known as the location of the historic Tejeros Convention of 1897.

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros history

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros was originally built in the 17th century. The hacienda and its surrounding lands were formerly owned by the Augustinian Recollects. The estate was once the largest and grandest estate in the country. It once covered as much as 1,125 hectares with the casa occupying 4 hectares of it.

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros - Rosario, Cavite

The NHI Marker of the Casa Hacienda de Tejeros

The name tejeros came from the Spanish name tejer, which means "to weave". It's due to the fact that the weaving industry is one of the major industries of the municipality of Rosario. Going back to its historical importance, Casa Hacienda de Tejeros played an important role in 1897 when it hosted the assembly that the new leaders of the revolution were elected. These officials were Emilio Aguinaldo (President), Mariano Ponce (Vice President), Artemio Ricarte (Captain General), Emiliano Riego de Dios (Director of War), and Andres Bonifacio (Director of Interior).

Emilio Aguinaldo Statue

The NHI marker for Emilio Aguinaldo

Sadly, the original adobe Casa did not survive the years of turmoil in the Philippines. A new building now stands to commemorate the original casa but it pales in comparison to the grandeur of the original. Visitors can still see the ruins of the old casa though. It's found behind the new building. Parts of the original stone stairs lead you to the secret tunnels. These tunnels are said to lead to the Tejero River and also to Aguinaldo's house in Kawit, Cavite. However, the tunnel entrances are already blocked by vines and weeds, and some parts of it are said to have eroded already.

The first "historically" significant thing that you'd see when you enter the casa

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros interior

I got to visit Casa Hacienda de Tejeros when I went on a side trip during our company outing. It was easy to find the Casa because it's near the welcome arch of the municipality of General Trias. It was harder to find a parking space though. Although the vicinity of the casa is spacious, a gate bars tourists from parking in it. I managed to park at the side of the road (thank God it wasn't towed) near the casa.

I was in luck that the groundskeeper was present during my visit because there is no way one could enter the building without contact inside. However, my excitement immediately faded down once I entered the casa. To be honest, there's nothing to see in the new building except for several busts of the people involved in the Tejeros Convention and also in the Revolutionary War. If not for the students practicing their dance numbers and the groundskeepers, the casa would pass as a haunted house. 

This is what the house originally looked like

Now only these stone steps remain of the original

Plus some parts of the original wall

Overall, tourists who get the chance to visit the casa would surely never return for another visit nor refer it to a friend (because there is absolutely nothing there to see). That my dear readers are a sad reality. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Casa Hacienda de Tejeros

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros Admission Fee:

It's FREE to enter and explore Casa Hacienda de Tejeros and its grounds.

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros Opening Hours:

Casa Hacienda de Tejeros is open Tuesdays - Sundays 8AM - 4PM.

Why visit Casa Hacienda de Tejeros?

Although this is not the original Casa Hacienda de Tejeros, it's still an important place to visit if you want to see the places that you only read about in your history books in elementary. Learn more about the Tejeros Convention by visiting this place.

Getting to Casa Hacienda de Tejeros:

From Baclaran, ride a minibus that goes directly to the town of Rosario. Check the signboards first before boarding though because some minibusses are bound for Cavite City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Casa Hacienda de Tejeros. It's near (actually beside) the arch of General Trias Cavite. (Pictured below) 

Look for the General Trias arch. Casa Hacienda de Tejeros is just beside it.


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  1. Eto pala un! Lagi kong nababasa ang Casa Tejeros sa history books.

    1. Opo eto nga po ang Casa Tejeros kaso hindi na po yan ang original structure.

  2. Informative article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maraming salamat po sa pagbisita sa aking blog at pagbasa sa aking artikulo.

  3. Sana naman nireconstruct nila ung bahay tulad nung sa mga sinaunang panahon tapos ginawa nilang museo. Ang pangit nito parang modern housing na.


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