Imus City Plaza - Cavite

Located in the center of the Poblacion or town proper of Imus City in the province of Cavite, Imus City Plaza is one of the city's scenic and historical attractions.

Imus City Plaza

Imus City Plaza Details

This plaza is located in front of the equally historical Imus Cathedral and Imus City Hall. Imus City Plaza is also the first place to greet you if you're heading to the cathedral via Sapinoso Street. 

Imus City Plaza - Imus City, Cavite

General Licerio Topacio

The general guarding the flag

Checking out each angle of the monument

Imus City Plaza History

Imus City Plaza is probably easily remembered because of the monument with two vintage artillery flanking it. The monument stands as an honor to the children of Imus who joined the fight for the independence of the country against Spain. As for the man standing on top of the monument, he is General Licerio Topacio. He is one of the most notable sons of Imus. He is famously known for honorably declining the nomination as president of the soon-to-be-established Revolutionary Government because of his age. This paved the way for the younger Emilio Aguinaldo, who would eventually win the Presidential position against Andres Bonifacio. Despite his age, General Topacio led his men to battle with vigor and passion. He managed to survive the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine- American War. He died on April 14, 1925, at the age of 86.

Other commemorative structures seen in the plaza are the following:

Prominent Generals of Imus monument - Imus Plaza

Prominent Generals of Imus monument - Each marker here shows the biographies of other great leaders from Imus who fought the Spanish during the Philippine Revolutionary period. These Generals are Cayetano Palma Topacio, Juan Saraza Castaneda, Jose Santarin Tagle, Flaviano Yengco, and Pantaleon Garcia.  

Imus Plaza Battle of Alapan monument

Battle of Alapan monument - This monument shows a marble hand waving the Philippine flag. The hand waving the flag pays tribute to the first unfurling of the Philippine flag after the victory of the Filipinos in the Battle of Alapan on May 28, 1898. 

Trece Martires monument - This distinct Roman numeral (XIII) commemorative structure symbolizes the thirteen martyrs of Imus who were executed by the Spaniards for cooperating with the Katipunan.

Battle of Imus monument - This monument showing crossed bolo and what looks like a bamboo spear or rod serves as the commemorative structure for the Battle of Imus which happened on September 1, 1896.

Imus City - Flag Capital of the Philippines
Imus City - Flag Capital of the Philippines

Being the Flag Capital of the Philippines, it is not a surprise that  Imus City Plaza has a lot of obvious and "not-so-obvious" displays that are flag-related. The obvious ones are the flag on the 50 -70 feet tall flag pole and the flag on the Battle of Alapan monument. The "not-so-obvious" ones are the IMUS letter standee that is facing Sapinoso Street, the colors of the Poke balls (yup you read that right), and (surprise, surprise) the plaza itself. Check out the satellite image grab from Google Maps below. 

Do you see the Philippine flag?

I got to see Imus City Plaza for the first time during our 2018 Cavite Loop Visita Iglesia. It was during our 7th and final stop at Imus Cathedral that I got to explore this plaza. The plaza looked better than the grassy plaza that I once saw in the Civics and History textbook that I used in my teaching career. Aside from that, it is obviously clean and well maintained. I was not able to stay long in the plaza due to the fact that it was very hot as we arrived a little past noon and we were rushing to finish our Visita Iglesia Prayers. 

I spy Pokeballs in Imus City Plaza

Imus City Plaza Entrance Fee:

The entrance to Imus City Plaza is FREE.

Imus City Plaza opening hours:

Imus City Plaza is open 24 hours.

Why visit Imus City Plaza?

Overall, Imus City Plaza has a lot of informative historical markers that one should read to further his knowledge of Philippine history.  Pokemon Go players would also get a chance to catch some unique Pokemons in this place. So there you go, I think I can safely say that this plaza has a great balance between remembering the past and welcoming the present. 

Getting to Imus City Plaza:

From Manila, ride a multicab or van going to MOA. From there, there are vans that will bring you directly to Imus. Tell the van driver to drop you off the street nearest to the cathedral.

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