Japan Diaries 4: Week 19

Week 19: March 7-11, 2022

Day 126: March 7, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Although the entrance exams concluded last Friday, there were still no classes today in Rumoi High School.

Rumoi High School 3/07/2022

The whole day was reserved for checking the entrance exam papers. I joined the English teachers in checking the English exam in room 3-5. 

We were busy checking the exam papers.

That afternoon, after checking the exams, I helped the teachers remove the curtains from the third-year classrooms. Before the day ended, I got invitations to assist Motoyama-sensei and Shikou sensei in their classes tomorrow. 

Day 127: March 8, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi 

Rumoi High School 3/08/2022

Good morning everyone! After almost a week of no classes here in Rumoi High School due to the entrance examination schedule, we're finally back to normal. 

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-1 class of Motoyama-sensei
4th period - My Strenght Points @ 2-56 of Shikou-sensei
6th period - My Strength Points @ 2-34 of Shikou-sensei

Bye for now Rumoi High School. See you tomorrow!

Heading to Joshua's place

This is our food for the night.

Noboru-san seems to be enjoying our company a lot

After work, I headed to Joshua's place as we would have a potluck with Noboru-san. Overall, it was another fun day with friends. The food was as expected delicious. 

Day 128: March 9, 2022

Wednesday - Haboro

Haboro High School 3/09/2022

Good day everyone, today is my 3rd time visiting Haboro High School. If you would recall, my scheduled visits to Haboro High School were canceled twice in the past two months due to various reasons.

One of the classes of Okumura-sensei had the kids make me and my family a kanji name.

Which do you think is the best one?

That's why in a way, I'm excited to see my JTE friends and the students of Haboro High School. Once again, for this trip, I will be using my 2-day Moekko Free Ticket.  

Here's my workload for today: 

1st period - English Expression @ 2nd year of Okumura-sensei
2nd  period - Communication Lesson @1st year of Okumura-sensei

That afternoon, I stopped by COOP to buy props and prized for my Embetsu Agricultural High School visit tomorrow and my collaboration class with Motoyama-sensei in Rumoi High School next Monday. 

Day 129: March 10, 2022

Thursday - Embetsu

Embetsu Agricultural High School 3/10/2022

Today is my 8th time visiting Embetsu Agricultural High School for the school year 2021-2022. For this trip, I used my 2-day Moekko Free Ticket.

Here's my workload for today:

2nd period - Present Perfect Tense @1st year advanced of Sasaki-sensei
3rd period - Present Perfect Tense @ 1st year basic of Sasaki-sensei
5th period - UNESCO World Heritage Site Presentation @2nd year advance of Sasaki-sensei
6th period - UNESCO World Heritage Site Presentation @ 2nd year basic of Sasaki-sensei

Day 130: March 11, 2022

Friday - Teshio

Teshio High School 3/11/2022

Today is my 6th time visiting Teshio High School for the school year 2021-2022. For this trip, I used my 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

5th period - 3 Sentence Speech @ 2A of Ueki-sensei
6th period - 3 Sentence Speech @ 2B of Ueki-sensei

Ueki-sensei's class

Well, that wraps up my 19th week as an ALT here in Rumoi City. See you this weekend.

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