Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 20

Weekend 20: March 19-20, 2022

Day 138: March 19, 2022

Saturday - Itinerary Making Day

It's the start of the long weekend today as Monday is the Spring Equinox holiday here in Japan

Here's my breakfast (and probably lunch too) for today

I didn't go out today as I spent my day crafting an itinerary for my 2-Day Wakkanai Backpacking Trip on Sunday and Monday. 

Making my 2-day Wakkanai Itinerary

For my accommodation, I booked via Airbnb. I got a whole private lodging for myself for only 5693 yen. I also contacted the Filipino ALT of Wakkanai, Abhie to meet her and say hi to her when I visit (sort of a courtesy call). 

I spent the remainder of the day preparing my stuff for the trip. In my downtime, I watched the suspense film Downrange on Netflix. After this, I chatted with my wife to inform her of my finalized plan before calling it a day. 

Day 139: March 20, 2022

Sunday - Wakkanai Backpacking Day 1

This is it! After spending my whole Saturday crafting my itinerary for today, it's time to finally go out and use it. 

The Engan Bus going to Haboro Engan Bus Terminal

Since it's a weekend, the 6:14AM Engan Bus to Toyotomi was unavailable so instead of waiting for the 9:24AM Engan Bus, I hopped on the 6:44AM bus to Haboro instead. It's halfway to Toyotomi though. Regardless, I plan to wait for the 10:56AM bus there instead. For this trip, I used my 2-day Skip Moekko Free Ticket

Exploring Haboro

Haboro Manhole Cover

When I arrived at Haboro, instead of waiting for the next bus at the Haboro Engan Bus Terminal, I decided to explore Haboro town a little. Here are the places that I visited:

Hokkaido Seabird Center

Roadside Station Hot💗Haboro

Haboro Shrine

Ichigo Syrup

Before heading back to Haboro Engan Bus Terminal, I bought the famed Oroboh Manju of Ichigo Syrup and ate it for breakfast. 

Oroboh Manju

This is delicious!

My bus is here. Time to continue on my trip to Wakkanai.

Next stop - Toyotomi

From Haboro Terminal, I rode the bus to Toyotomi and arrived at 1:35PM. The next and final leg of the trip is to ride the train to Wakkanai Station. However, the train to Wakkanai Station was still at 4:43PM. Like what I did at Haboro earlier, I used my waiting time to explore the town of Toyotomi. 

Here are the places that I visited in Toyotomi: 

Hofomachi Kankojoho Center (Tourist Information Center and Train Ticket Office)

Toyotomi Hachimangu Shrine

曹洞宗 天望山清輪寺
Sotoshu Tenbozanseihanawa Temple

Before heading back to Toyotomi JR Station, I stopped by Ferme to try their famed soft cream ice cream. 

Toyotomi Manhole Cover displayed inside the Tourist Information Center

Another Toyotomi Manhole Cover

Bought soft cream in Ferme

I headed back to Toyotomi JR Station to wait for my train to Wakkanai City

Here's my lunch at Kissa Station (restaurant)

When I got to Toyotomi JR Station, I still had an hour to wait so I ate late lunch at Kissa Station (restaurant) which is inside Toyotomi Station. I ordered the gyudon set for 800 yen. 

Waiting for the train to Wakkanai City

I rode the Limited Express Soya Series 261

From Toyotomi JR Station, I rode the JR Soya-Sarobetsu Line at 4:43PM and arrived at Wakkanai Station at 5:23PM. I planned to meet Wakkanai's ALT Abhie who's also Filipino but she had previous commitments so it didn't push through. 

Wakkanai JR Station

Wakkanai Pokemon Manhole Cover

North Breakwater Dome Park

From Wakkanai JR Station, I headed to the North Breakwater Dome Park to see Wakkanai's most famous tourist spot. 

Northernmost Mcdonald's of Japan

I then walked to my Airbnb accommodation which was about 3.5 kilometers away. However, before I checked in, I went to the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan first for dinner.

My Air BnB for the night

Time to sleep. Good night everyone!

Before calling it a day, I called my wife to share with her my adventure and accomplishments for the day. I'm looking forward to my 2nd day here at Wakkanai. 

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  1. That was a nice solo trip to Wakkanai. I can imagine the cold.


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