Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 17

Weekend 17: February 26 - 27, 2022

Day 117: February 26, 2022

Saturday - Shoveling Day

It's another cold morning. Like in the past few days, it has been snowing a lot that it came to the point that it almost covered my apartment windows. That's why I decided to spend my day shoveling it before it completely covers the whole side of my apartment and I die of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Did some cleaning in my room

...and also my living room

After 5 hours of back-breaking shoveling, I decided that I had done enough. There was still plenty of snow left but I was already exhausted. Hopefully, it gets warmer in the next few days so that the snow would melt on its own. 

Breakfast for today

Regardless, I believe that I had removed a significant amount of snow that will take days of continuous snowfall before it gets covered with the same amount of snow.

Time to clear the snow

There is still so much to clear.

After eating late lunch, I slept and woke up at around 7PM. By this time, I'm slowly feeling the effects of continuous shoveling on my muscles, particularly my back muscles (lats). Hence, I just stayed in bed and chatted with my wife before calling it a day.

Day 118: February 27, 2022

Sunday - Package Pickup + Grocery

I wanted to shovel more today but my body said "Enough!" It was then that I remembered that I have to pick up the package from Mr. Toshi at Rumoi's Post Office located 2.9 kilometers away.  

I went to Rumoi's JP Post to pick up a package

I wonder what Mr. Toshi sent me...

I left after eating breakfast but since I was not in a rush to get the package, I walked at a very leisurely pace enjoying the snow-covered view of the city. 

I made a quick stop at COOP to buy some groceries.

I reached the post office after an hour. The process of claiming the package was fast and hassle-free. The whole process took less than 5 minutes to complete. 

From Rumoi Post Office, I walked back home. However, I stopped by COOP to buy some groceries first. I got home just in time for my last MBA 102 class. After the class, I slept for a while before calling my wife. 

The package contains the following... Thank you, Mr. Toshi!

That night, before calling it a day, I spent some time watching crime documentaries. Please do join me on my next week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. 

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  1. Nice. Your Japanese friend and his family takes care of you like their son. That's nice.

    1. That's true. We are very lucky to have a friend like Mr. Toshi.


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