Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park - Cavite

Located in the vicinity of Mt. Nagpatong in Maragondon in the province of Cavite, Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park mark the supposed place where Andres Bonifacio and his brothers Procopio were executed in 1897.

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park History

We learned from the previous post about Bonifacio Trial House the story of the trail leading up to the last days of Andres Bonifacio. Since I did not fully elaborate on his death, I think it is very relevant to talk about it now in relation to our featured destination - The Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park.

Check out the images on the BAYANI

Check out the images on the KKK

A perfect angle to see the KKK and Bayani

I'm wondering if that face is scared, shocked, or excited...

The statue of Andres Bonifacio wearing a very fashionable camisa de chino

Our local guide showed us the way to the peak of Mt. Nagpatong

After his brief trial by what I think is a kangaroo court, Bonifacio and his brother were sentenced to death. They were then brought to the vicinity of Mt. Nagpatong in Maragondon where their sentence was carried out. Years later during the time of the American occupation, the colonial government mounted a search for the remain of Bonifacio. Bones believed to be his were found on March 17, 1918. It was placed in an urn and was given to the National Library of the Philippines for safekeeping. Sadly, the bones were lost due to the destruction and looting during the Second World War.
The park as seen from Mt. Nagpatong
The park as seen from Mt. Nagpatong 

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park - Maragondon Cavite

Today, a shrine stands on the area of Mt. Nagpatong where Andres Bonifacio's bones were said to have been found. Aside from the central shrine, there are also two panels that are flanking it. At first glance, these panels show the words KKK and BAYANI. However, upon closer inspection, one can see the artistic sculptures of the revolutionary struggles of Bonifacio and also their last moments before their execution.

Andres Bonifacio Shrine NHI marker

Here's what you'll see on the Bonifacio Shrine marker

Across facing the shrine is a pavilion complete with a swimming pool. During our visit, the area looks deserted minus the lone caretaker of the shrine who's roaming the vicinity. To our amazement, the shrine was well maintained contrary to what most bloggers mentioned in their articles. There was also a pathway leading to the peak of Mt. Nagpatong. (Of course, I did climb the mountain but that's another story.)

The Backpack Adventures visits Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-Tourism Park

One more thing before you visit the shrine, head to the tourism office of Maragondon first and look for the person in charge of the shrine. He literally holds the key to the gate(s) of the shrine. There is a very slim chance that you could visit the shrine without him.

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-Tourism Park Admission Fee:

You need to pay P20 to enter Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-Tourism Park. You need to pay your guide as well. during our visit, we gave P100 since there were only a few of us. 

Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-Tourism Park Opening Hours:

You have to coordinate with the Tourism Officer of Maragondon when you plan to visit the shrine. The operating hours of the shrine are typically is based on their availability as they are the ones who provide the guides.

Why visit Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-Tourism Park?

Overall, it's a trip that would be enjoyed by history buffs (particularly those who admire Andres Bonifacio) and outdoorsy types of people. For those who are not into both, I suggest you skip this place and just head to a mall instead.

Getting to Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park:

From the terminal in Coastal Mall, ride a bus that goes directly to Maragondon. From there, coordinate with the town's tourism office. From there, you could ride a tricycle going to the park.

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  1. Neil, congratulations for your blog and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Greetings from Spain.

    1. Hello Enrique!
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog too!

  2. pano po pumunta ng bonifacio shrine sir paki guide naman po kami mag ko commute po kami e i do document po kase namin yung shrine ni bonifacio e baka magkanda ligaw ligaw po kame

    1. Punta muna kayo sa Maragondon Tourism office sa town proper. Coordinate with the tourism officer. Nasa kanya ang susi para makapasok kayo sa shrine.

  3. The Shine has a full time caretaker named Mar so no need to go the the Maragondon city hall. There is no signage to find the shrine. Use google maps. Don't pay the gate guard 20 peso as he will ask only pay when your in the shrine. There is a great hostel close to the shrine they do tours of the whole are 500 p a day per person and 275 p a night room. Manila Beach Hangout Hostel Joy Palmon 09368703054

    1. Thank you for the additional info. =) Will check that out. =)

  4. Replies
    1. Opo. =( Kelangan pang magpaalam sa townhall para makapunta dito dahil may gated part na papasukan.

  5. May bayad po ba ang entrance para sa shrine?

  6. pwede po ba pumunta dun ng weekend or holiday?

    1. Pwede naman po as long as you coordinate it with the local gov't of Maragondon.

  7. Hello. Reachable by bike po ang tuktok? At kng pde po pumasok ang bike. Thanks

    1. Hi there. You should coordinate with Maragondon Tourism office for this. :) Yup you can actually bike going to the shrine.

  8. Hi. How to contact the Maragondon Tourism Office. Can I ask if they will have official facebook page for inquiry?

    1. Please check Maragandon Tourism Office sa Facebook. Meron silang FB page.

  9. Salamat sa pagshare nito. Nagpaplano kaming akyatin ang Mt. Buntis. Nabasa ko na malapit lang ang Bonifacio Shrine. Salamat!

    1. Walang anuman po. Sana successful and hike ninyo sa Mt. Buntis.


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