Golden Beach Rumoi Revisited Winter 2022

It was just last November 14, 2021, when I first visited Golden Beach Rumoi (ゴールデンビーチるもい). During my visit, it was already the last few weeks of fall. After experiencing how the snow changed how Rumoi City looked in just a few weeks. I became curious as to what Golden Beach Rumoi would look like if it was covered in snow. I wasn't able to visit Golden Beach Rumoi as I was swamped with work and was still adapting to the cold winter. 

ゴールデンビーチるもい winter
Golden Beach Rumoi 

Golden Beach Rumoi details


I finally got the chance to revisit Golden Beach Rumoi last February 12, 2022. I was surprised to see how deep the snow was on the beach. I didn't expect that the snow that accumulated on the beach would reach as deep as my knee. There were parts that were deeper but I didn't dare go look at which part is the deepest. I just contented myself looking at the beach from the 10-foot-high snow pile near the main road. 

Some of my photos of Golden Beach Rumoi

Golden Beach Rumoi winter 2022

Golden Beach Rumoi as seen from Route 231

Golden Beach Rumoi as seen from the road going to Cape Ogon

Golden Beach Rumoi as seen from Uminofurusatokan's parking grounds

For those who are not familiar, Golden Beach Rumoi is the main tourist attraction of Rumoi City in Hokkaido. It draws in hundreds if not thousands of visitors every summer. It is also a popular camping ground and surfing spot to some. As for me, I just enjoy the cool breeze and the smell of the sea whenever I visit. 

Cape Ogon as seen from Golden Beach Rumoi

As I mentioned, I wanted to see how different Golden Beach Rumoi would look in winter so I revisited it last February 12, 2022, which was my 103rd day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. In a way, Golden Beach Rumoi looked magical with the snow covering its brown sand. Of course, it is prohibited to take a dip in the waters and I didn't dare to do it too so I just contented myself with its unique winter beauty that even my smartphone camera can't capture. 

Heading down to the beach from Route 231

Overall, Golden Beach Rumoi is one of those places in Rumoi where I want to bring my family to spend a weekend. I would also want them to see its winter beauty someday soon. 

Golden Beach Rumoi Fees

It's FREE to enter and explore Golden Beach Rumoi. However, you must pay the parking fee of 600 yen during the swimming season. There are places that you can rent to pitch your tent. 

Golden Beach Rumoi Operating Hours

Golden Beach Rumoi is open 24/7. However, the swimming season is from July to mid-August. 

Why visit Golden Beach Rumoi?

As mentioned, Golden Beach Rumoi is the main tourist attraction of the City of Rumoi in Hokkaido. It's one of the best places to visit in the prefecture during summer. Revisiting it this winter was one of the highlights of my stay here in Rumoi City as Golden Beach Rumoi looks stunningly beautiful during winter. 

Getting to Golden Beach Rumoi

From Rumoi Station, walk to the nearby Rumoi Station #2 Bus stop and ride the Rumoi Betsukari (Mashike) Line. Board down at Okimichi 3 Chome bus stop. From there, you can walk down to Golden Beach Rumoi. However, buses are scheduled so if you're unfamiliar with them, you can check the bus schedules by clicking this 👉LINK👈.

Travel Time: 10 minutes
Bus fare: 220 yen




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  1. That looks like an amazing beach. I haven't heard of Rumoi City. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. That is a white beach not a golden beach hahahaha. Just kidding.


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