Teshio Itsukushima Shrine - Hokkaido

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine (天塩厳島神社) is the town's main shrine. Its holiday is celebrated every 17th of July. The shrine is located at 1226 Kawaguchi in Teshio, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine (天塩厳島神社)

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine details


On September 1, 1804, Kakubei Suhara, from Suhara Village, Arita County, Kii Province, constructed a Unjosho (checkpoint/ customs house) on the banks of the Teshio River to govern the Mito clan's salmon and trout fishing areas. The shrine was also established in the area. To protect the town and those in the fishing industry the spirit of 'Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto' was enshrined there as the guardian deity.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine - Teshio Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

The shrine was formally named Mura-sha in 1870, and in 1900, the shrine was relocated to the Kawaguchi area, with the relocation ceremony taking place on July 16th of that year. The main shrine's construction began in December 1925.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine main torii

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine history marker

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine's temizuya

On September 9, 1927, the shrine was formally designated as a town shrine. Since then, the shrine has stood silently by as the town grew and eventually declined in population. It has also undergone multiple restorations, and its current main shrine was constructed utilizing the Shinmei-zukuri architectural design.

Photos of Teshio Itsukushima Shrine

Currently, the Teshio Itsukushima Shrine has a total shrine area of 171.9 square meters. It currently serves 1600 households.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine main torii in winter 2022

I visited Teshio Itsukushima Shrine for the first time last February 12, 2022, my 101st day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. During that visit it was winter and the snow was surprisingly very deep. I wasn’t able to go to the shrine using the main path. Instead, I walked to the side entrance along Route 106 of Ororon Road. I made sure to pray and pay respects before returning home.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore the Teshio Itsukushima Shrine grounds. Parking is also FREE.

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine Operating Hours

The shrine services are available from 9 AM to 5 PM. However, the shrine grounds are open 24/7.

Why visit Teshio Itsukushima Shrine?

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Teshio. It is where most locals go to offer prayers for safety and health. You are welcome to pay respects and offer your intentions.

Getting to Teshio Itsukushima Shrine


From JR Horonobe Station, ride the Engan Bus going to Haboro or Rumoi Municipal Hospital. Board down at Teshio Koko Mae / In front of Teshio High School bus stop. You can check out the timetable and fare matrix from the Engan Bus website by clicking this LINK.

Travel time: 30 minutes

If you’re coming from Rumoi City, ride the Engan Bus going to Toyotomi Station. Board down at Teshio Koko Mae / In front of Teshio High School bus stop. You can check out the timetable and fare matrix from the Engan Bus website by clicking this LINK.

Travel time: 3 hours




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