Japan Diaries 4: Week 17

Week 17: February 21-25, 2022

Day 112: February 21, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend like me. Like every Monday, I am back to my Main School - Rumoi High School today. It's -2 degrees today luckily my school is warm enough for that. 

Rumoi High School 2/21/2022

It's -2 degrees today

Here's my workload for today: 

2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-1  of Motoyama-sensei

Although I didn't have many team-teaching activities today, I spent the morning helping Kutsumi sensei with her exam. Overall, today was literally and figuratively a pretty chill day.

Day 113: February 22, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 2/22/22

I left home earlier today to go to Rumoi High School as I was making some worksheets for the upcoming classes. 

2nd period with Motoyama-sensei today

Here's my workload today:

2nd period - Living with Robots @ 2-1 of Motoyama-sensei
6th period - Future Tense @ 2-34 @Motoyama-sensei

Quick stop at Seicomart Rumoi

Rumoi Mo's Burger with the other Rumoi ALTs

Here's my dinner for today

After work, I headed to Seicomart to buy some stuff. After that, the other Rumoi City ALTs and I met at Mo's Burger to hang out and plan what to do. 

A few more days of continuous snow and my place would surely be buried.

My COOP Card finally arrived.

When I arrived home, there was a note from the Post Office informing me that I need to pick up the package at the post office. It was a surprise package from Mr. Toshi and his family. I got home a little before 8:30PM. It was another fun bonding for us.

22:22:22 on 2/22/22

I stayed up until 10:30 PM to wait for the special 22:22:22 on 2/22/22

Day 114: February 23, 2022

Wednesday - Emperor's Birthday

First of all, omedetou tanjoubi お誕生日 Emperor Naruhito. Since it's a holiday, I took the squeeze in have extra sleep. When I woke up. I spend the day cleaning the house and doing laundry as usual.

It's another very cold morning here in Rumoi City

It's cold and windy

That afternoon, I headed to Joshua's place for our usual Rumoi ALT holiday bonding. I brought drinks while Kiaya baked some chocolate revel bars. Joshua, on the other hand, made curry.

Revel bar for the win!

Now Showing: Rocky Horror Picture Show

While eating, we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show because the two Canadians felt that I have missed part of my life when I told them that I haven't seen the film yet. I have to admit that it was an interesting film but it is not something that I'd put on my list of favorite films.

Walking home on a cold night in Rumoi

After the film, we bade goodbye to each other as we still have to work the next day. I got home a little before 10PM. I wanted to take a quick dip but it was too cold so I just slept it off. 

Day 115: February 24, 2022

Thursday - Embetsu

Today is my 7th time visiting Embetsu Agricultural High School. For this trip, I used my 2-day consecutive Moekko Free Ticket.

Just arrived at Embetsu bus stop

Embetsu Agricultural High School 2/24/22

Here's my workload for today:

3rd period with Sasaki-sensei

2nd period - World Heritage Site @ 2nd year advanced of Sasaki-sensei
3rd period - World Heritage Site @ 2nd year basic of Sasaki-sensei

Day 116: February 25, 2022

Friday - Tomamae

Today is my 8th time visiting Tomamae Commercial High School. For this trip, I used my 2-day consecutive Moekko Free Ticket

Tomamae Commercial High School 2/25/22

Here's my workload for today:

3rd period - Listening and drawing activity

2nd period - Palindrome @ 2nd year of Hasegawa-sensei
3rd period - Listening and drawing @ 1st year of Hasegawa-sensei

Waiting for the bus at the Uehira bus stop (winter)

After work, my Rumoi City ALT friends and I met at Osteria Cibo in Rumoi City for dinner. This restaurant is famous for its pizza. As a matter of fact, we tried the 3 different flavors of pizza. Heads up though, each pizza costs around 1100 yen.

Dinner with friends at Osteria Cibo

Inside Osteria Cibo

We tried the different kinds of pizza

I got home a bit late and was too tired to do anything else. Overall, I had an awesome workweek. It was cold and tiring but really fulfilling.  

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