Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 15

Weekend 15: February 12-13, 2022

Day 103: February 12, 2022

Saturday - Walking around Rumoi

It's Saturday once again! Even if I just came from a hike to Senboudai yesterday, I still have enough energy to go out and do my weekend walks around Rumoi City.

Rumoi City, Hokkaido
Rumoi Manhole Cover

Hokokuji - Rumoi City

Check out the intricate carvings on Hokokuji's facade

My first destination for the day was Hokokuji which was actually a place that I saw during one of my random turns. Although this temple was small, its architecture reminded me of the Nanendo in Nara City

Heading down to Rumoi Golden Beach

I wonder what made those tracks

Cape Ogon as seen from Rumoi Golden Beach

From there, I walked westward until I found myself on the cliff overlooking Rumoi Golden Beach from this spot. I was astonished to see the beach covered in snow. I went down the beach via the snow-covered road to take a closer look. The snow was about knee deep so I didn't proceed to the water's edge and just admire the view from a distance. 

The road going to Cape Ogon

Ogonmizaki Seaside Park

Ogonmizaki Seaside Park (Winter)

Hato no Hito (Winter)

Since I was already by the beach, I decided to revisit the other tourist spots of Rumoi City which are the Ogonmizaki Seaside Park and the Hato no Hito. Both spots were covered with snow which made them look very different from how they looked when I first saw them.

Rumoi City - sukiya
Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

Dinner for today!

That afternoon, before heading home, I ate an early dinner at Sukiya. When I got back home, I used the time to chat with my family and also plan their "migration" to Japan.

Day 104: February 13, 2022

Sunday - Movie Marathon

Today, I felt lazy to go out. I just stayed home and spent my whole morning updating my blog and transferring photos from my phone to my hard drive.

Updating my blog

For lunch, I cooked my favorite sukiyaki, and then after eating, I binge-watched different films on Netflix like Mile 22 and 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Sukiyaki again for lunch

Helping Ella with her summative tests

Before calling it a day, I helped my daughter with her summative exams. Overall, I'm happy that I have had a very productive weekend despite the very cold weather. I hope it gets warmer soon. See you next week.

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