Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 18

Weekend 18: March 5 - 6, 2022

Day 124: March 5, 2022

Saturday - House Cleanup

Good morning! Before anything else, I would like to greet my parents a happy anniversary.

Cleaning time!

Almost done...

For today's activity, I spent the whole morning cleaning the house and doing laundry. In the afternoon, I binge-watched different films and documentaries on Netflix. 

Dinner for today...

As for nighttime, I spent it chatting with my wife before taking my day-end dip in my hot tub. 

Day 125: March 6, 2022

Sunday - Project Migration

It's a beautiful cold morning. I skipped my weekend walks today to help my daughter with her summative exam. After that, my wife and I talked about the updates about their plans of coming here which we dub Project Migration

Time to head out since it is a beautiful day.

I'm happy to share that in just a week, my wife managed to arrange their flight and accommodations all by herself.

Rumoi Shinkin Bank

Heading back home

On my end, I went to Rumoi Shinkin Bank and sent money to cover all the expenses. With Project Reunited already funded and planned, I pray that there would be no more border closures or stricter COVID-19 protocols in the following months. 

Can you guess what's for dinner?

If everything would go according to plan, then I would finally be reunited with my family this coming April. 

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