Cagsawa Ruins Revisited 2019 - Albay

Located in Barangay Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga in the province of Albay, the Cagsawa Ruins are the most popular landmark and tourist destination of the province. 

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins History

Cagsawa Ruins were remnants of the once-proud 16th-century Spanish colonial era church called Cagsawa Church. Prior to its devastation in 1814, the church already had a very colorful history. It was built in 1587and served as the spiritual sanctuary for the locals for decades until it was razed by the raiding Dutch pirates in 1636. It was then rebuilt in 1724 under the supervision of Fr. Francisco Blanco and then continued to become the safe haven to its people until February 1, 1814, when Mayon Volcano ended that. 

Off to Cagsawa Ruins

Nice! The roads seemed improved

Souvenirs anyone?

Check out the rates to enter Cagsawa Ruins

Got our tickets...

...and our stamp

Recorded as the most powerful eruption of Mayon Volcano, the 1814 Eruption buried towns at the foot of the volcano with several hundred million cubic meters of tephra and lahar killing thousands. Those who survived the initial eruption sought refuge inside the church but also perished when the pyroclastic flow and lahar overwhelmed the town. Only the belfry, parts of the convent, and the upper portion of the facade were left visible after the destructive eruption. However, the facade of the Cagsawa Church collapsed sometime in the 1950s when the town was hit by an earthquake.

Well placed standee

Thank God, Mayon Volcano didn't shy away from us

The famed Cagsawa Ruins

The NHI Marker of Cagsawa Ruins

Shrubs now grow in some parts of the tower

Here's a brief history of Cagsawa Ruins

Today, visitors would still see the belfry and the convent ruins. These ruins serve not only as one of Albay's tourist destinations but is also a symbol of the power of Mayon Volcano. 

We got to visit Cagsawa Ruins numerous times already since Albay is my dad's hometown. The last time we visited was during our 2014 CamSur - Albay Road Trip. You can read my first article about Cagsawa Ruins by clicking the links in this paragraph. 

Here are some of Ella's photos on the FLOWER FARM: 

Ella revisits Cagsawa Ruins
Ella revisits Cagsawa Ruins

Since my father is a native of Albay, I had plenty of opportunities to visit the Cagsawa Ruins. My latest visit was last May 2019 during the 5th day of our 2019 Bicol Road trip. During the said visit, I noticed that the park management decided to improve one part of the park by planting numerous flowering plants. This part can be accessed by paying an additional fee. It is perfect for those who adore flowers and of course for those who love to take pictures for their social media accounts. 

What a beautiful view of Mayon Volcano!

Cagsawa Ruins Admission Fee:

The entrance fee to enter the Cagsawa Ruins grounds is P20 per adult and P10 per child. Aside from that, keep in mind that there would also be dozens if not hundreds of visitors there as well so visit on a weekday if you could. 

Cagsawa Ruins Opening Hours:

Cagsawa Ruins is open from 6AM to 6PM every day.

Why visit Cagsawa Ruins?

Overall, the Cagsawa Ruins remain to be the most famous tourist destination in Albay hence it is a must-visit destination if you're in the province

Getting to Cagsawa Ruins:

From Manila, ride a bus to Legazpi City in Albay. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Cagsawa Junction. Since it is near the ruins you may opt to walk for a few minutes or ride a tricycle going to the ruins. 

If you're pressed for time, there are planes from Manila to Legazpi City International Airport. From there, you can ride a van or jeepney to the junction.

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  1. What a beautiful and exotic location! Thanks for sharing

  2. This place looks amazing the flowers and the pictures are stunning is a nice place to go to visit on weekends

    1. Yes it is except that this place is sooooooooo far from where I live. Given the chance I'd visit this place frequently.

  3. Amazing! I love that the mountain in the back is shrouded in clouds

    1. :) Mt. Mayon is the most famous volcano here in the Philippines. You should come visit.

  4. This is a nice article, I love adventures too! :)

    1. That sounds great. :) Hope to see you in my next adventure.

  5. Beautiful places! I have a friend who retired in the Philippines, living on the beach. Moved from the Marshall Islands, to live rest of his life in this beautiful place.

    1. He is such a lucky man. You should come retire in paradise as well.

  6. WOW! These ruins are very interesting. The Mayon volcano looks amazing in the background.

    1. Cagsawa Ruins is probably the most famous ruins in the country. You should come check it out.

  7. The history with the volcano is so fascinating. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  8. Wow this place needs to be added on to my list!

  9. Omg’ this place is breathtakingly beautiful! Added to my bucket list!

  10. Looks like a great place to visit. Cagsawa Ruins surely goes in my bucket list.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful place full of beautiful nature and history. I love learning about the history of the ruins!

    1. Thanks. Please do come visit Cagsawa Ruins Aisasami.

  12. Beautiful! Love gardens and places to unwind! This seems like the perfect place!

    1. Please come visit Cagsawa Ruins when you are in the Philippines. :)

  13. I would definitely enjoy visiting these place. I love historical sites and visiting them take me back to the beginning of time.

  14. It looks like a place where I would love to spend time with my family. Great place to vist.


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