Japan Diaries 4: Day 292

Day 292: August 20, 2022

Saturday – From Osaka with Love Day 2

We woke up to a rainy day which is not a pleasant sight as our destinations today are mostly outdoors. Thankfully, the weather cleared before we checked out of One’s Villa Sapporo House. Mr. Toshi and his family rented a Toyota Voxy minivan when they arrived yesterday which meant that we would have a two-vehicle convoy for this road trip.

Off to Otaru City

We rode with Mr. Toshi and Karin-chan in the Toyota Voxy while Ms. Taeko, Ms. Sawa, Ms. Akiko, and Ryo-kun were in our car. 
From Sapporo City, our first destination for the day is Otaru City (小樽市). It is a port city located in the west of Sapporo City. It is famous for its canal, music boxes, and glassworks.

Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch
Inside the vault of the Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch

We headed to our next destination on foot.

We made a brief stopover to check out the マジック・クロック (Magic Clock)

We first visited the Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch. We learned about the history of the bank and we also got to watch the ceiling illumination event. However, this visit's highlight is probably the vault tour.

Next stop: Stained Glass Museum

Inside the Stained Glass Museum

This museum reminds me of the interior of some of the beautiful churches in the Philippines

Our next stop is the Otaru Stained Glass Museum in the next building. I enjoyed this place as it has beautiful stained glass displays depicting saints and events in the bible.

Otaru Canal

We didn't miss the opportunity to take pictures we the scenic Otaru Canal as our backdrop.

Even Karin enjoyed exploring the Otaru Canal area

From there, we wanted to see the most famous tourist spot of Otaru City which is the Otaru Canal. We took lots of pictures before going to Otaru Sakaimachi-dori. It is the most famous street in Otaru and it is also the place with the highest concentration of souvenir stores, cafes, museums, and restaurants.

Off to Otaru Sakaimachi-dori

Otaru Sakaimachi-dori 

Next stop: Kitaichi Glass Otaru.

We first checked out the products on sale...

Before dining in its famed restaurant

Speaking of restaurants, we had lunch at the Kitaichi Glass Otaru. Not only did we feast on their food, but we also had a visual feast of the beauty of its interior.

LeTao Main Store

Looking for omiyage inside LeTao Main Store

Otaru Colored Manhole Cover

After lunch, we returned to Otaru Sakaimachi-Dori and checked out some souvenir stores there. We also stopped at the LeTao Main Store located at 7-16 Sakaimachi-dori. My wife bought some cream puff and some omiyage.

Otaru Music Box Museum

Inside Otaru Music Box Museum

From there we crossed the street to Otaru Music Box Museum. It was where a scene from the Filipino blockbuster romantic movie “Kita Kita” was filmed. We enjoyed looking around and checking out the various products sold in the store.

Sunmall Ichibangai 

Otaru Pokemon Manhole Cover

Old Ironai Station

We then headed back to Sakaimachi-Dori to do more omiyage shopping. While my family was checking out what omiyage to buy in the stores in Sakaimachi-Dori, I quickly headed to Sunmall Ichibangai to take a photo of the Pokemon Manhole Cover (Pokefuta) of Otaru City. From there, I also checked out the site of the Old Ironai Station which has become a popular photo spot for those who know it.

I got back to the parking lot just in time when my wife called me to inform me that we were leaving.

Heading to our home for the day

Otaru Asari Classe Hotel 

In the lobby of Otaru Asari Classe Hotel 

From the central area of Otaru, we drove to our home for the day which is the Otaru Asari Classe Hotel at Asarigawaonsen on the southeastern side of Otaru City.

Dinner time

My family and I enjoyed the different facilities of the hotel like the swimming pool and the onsen.

I enjoyed the 7-course meal. It's a perfect way to end the day.

Before calling it a day, we had the 7-course dinner in the hotel’s in-house restaurant.

Overall, it was another memorable day with the Kameyama family. I can’t wait for what’s in store for us tomorrow.

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  1. Your 7 course meal looks delicious!

    1. It is. Given the chance I would love to go back to Otaru Asari Classe Hotel in the future.


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