Japan Diaries 4: Day 288

Day 288: August 16, 2022

Tuesday – Drive Up North Day 5

It’s a rainy day. Thank goodness we weren’t soaked in our tent. Although we got wet packing up our camp, it wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits.

Rainy morning drive to Nakatombetsu

We drove through tunnel on Route 275

Today also marks the last day of our "Drive Up North" road trip. After packing up our stuff, we left Kutcharo Lakeside Campground in Hamatombetsu (浜頓別町) and then drove south towards the town of Nakatombetsu (中頓別町).

Nakatombetsu Shrine

Seicomart Nakatombetsu

Nakatombetsu Town Hall

Our first stop in Nakatombetsu is the Nakatombetsu Shrine where I got to pay my respects and offer a prayer. From there we decided to go to Nakatombetsu town proper to look for a place to eat breakfast. It was hard to find one as we were too early so we eventually decided to just grab hot coffee and onigiri ar Seicomart Nakatombetsu. We stayed in the parking lot for some time and when there was a lull in the rain, I headed out to check out the nearby Nakatombetsu Town Hall

Afterward, we proceeded to our next destination, Nakatombetsu Roadside Station "Pinneshiri." However, our early arrival meant that I would miss out on obtaining the Hokkaido Roadside Station stamp for the stamp rally. Fortunately, my wife was incredibly understanding and supportive. To pass the time, we decided to wait for the roadside station to open, resulting in us spending approximately an hour and a half in the parking lot. During this period, we chose to immerse ourselves in the captivating and thrilling Netflix film, "Carter." It was a perfect way to stay entertained and engaged while eagerly anticipating the roadside station's opening.

Next stop: Otoineppu

Otoineppu Roadside Station 

After I got the roadside station stamp, we continued on our trip and we headed to Otoineppu (音威子府村) which is a village south of Nakatombetsu. We first went to Otoineppu Roadside Station where I got the roadside station stamp for the Hokkaido Roadside Station stamp rally.

From there, we proceeded to Otoineppu Hachiman Shrine so that I could offer prayer and pay respects. 
There were a lot of other places that I wanted to visit in both Nakatombetsu and Otoineppu but the bad weather forced us to cut our trip short. We were also planning to visit the town of Nakagawa after our stop in Otoineppu but decided to skip it.

One of the tunnels on Route 40

After departing from Otoineppu, we followed a route comprised of Route 40, 119, and 256, ultimately leading us back to our starting point on Route 232. The drive was smooth and uncomplicated, allowing us to arrive home slightly after 2 PM. Once we arrived, the remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to unpacking our belongings. Exhausted from our journey, we decided to call it an early day, recognizing the need to rest and rejuvenate.

Route 232 heading back home

Overall, our 5-day "Drive Up North" Road Trip was a success. My family and I enjoyed every kilometer of it. We also got to taste unique food and learn about the history of different towns. Lastly, we visited one city, eight towns, and three villages. As for my roadside station stamps, I got 9 stamps for the stamp rally. This made me excited for the next weekend as Mr. Toshi and his family will be coming over to visit us.


  1. I notice that there are a lot of tunnels there in Hokkaido. Isn't it scary driving in it?

    1. At first I was scared driving through them as I think the tunnel is too small for two lanes but I got over it the more I drove around Hokkaido.


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