10 Things to Do in Otoineppu

10 Things to Do in Otoineppu

Otoineppu (音威子府村) is a quiet village in the Kamikawa Subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. The name Otoineppu is derived from the Ainu word "o-toyne-p," which means "walking on the river bottom, muddy things" or "the mouth of the river is muddy." According to the sources, the former was given its name because of a muddy area where the Otoineppu River and Teshio River converge.

For those planning to visit this quiet village to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Otoineppu:

Otoineppu manhole cover

1. Take a picture of the unique manhole cover of Otoineppu. So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole cover. It is common and can be seen around the village.

Hokkaido Naming Memorial Place

2. Go for a quick stop at the Hokkaido Naming Memorial Place. It is said to be the place where Takeshiro Matsuura and the Ainu elder Aetomo devised the name Hokkaido.

Otoineppu Hachiman Shrine

3. Visit the Otoineppu Hachiman Shrine. You can pay your respects and offer prayers here any time of the day. This is an unmanned shrine which means that you won't be able to get a goshuin here. 

Otoineppu Roadside Station 

4. Visit the Otoineppu Roadside Station and buy products that are produced or made in the town. You can also get the roadside station stamp here for the Hokkaido Stamp rally booklet.

black soba

5. Try the famed black soba from Ten Hokuryū (天北龍) located inside the Otoineppu Roadside Station.

Teshiogawa Onsen Otoineppu

6. Take a dip at the onsen of Teshiogawa Onsen Otoineppu. They accept day trip bathers and the price is very affordable.

Otoineppu Station Transportation Terminal Tenpoku Line Reference Room

7. Visit the Otoineppu Station Transportation Terminal Tenpoku Line Reference Room inside the Otoineppu JR Station and learn about the history of the Tenpoku Line.

Teshiogawa Riverside Park Camping Ground

8. Pitch a tent and camp overnight at the Teshiogawa Riverside Park Camping Ground. It is free and well-maintained.

Otoifuji Ski Area

9. Enjoy skiing at Otoifuji Ski Area. It is a village-run ski resort which means that skiing fees are usually very affordable and the ski area is maintained with care by the locals. The ski area is good for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Eco Museum Osashima Center /Sunazawa Bikki Memorial Museum

10. Visit the Eco Museum Osashima Center /Sunazawa Bikki Memorial Museum and be amazed by the wood crafts made by Sunazawa Bikki.

I hope my list of the 10 Things to Do in Otoineppu gave you an idea and inspiration to visit the village in the future.




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