Cape Soya - Hokkaido

Cape Soya (宗谷岬) is Japan's northernmost point. It is located in the northeastern part of Wakkanai City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Cape Soya

Cape Soya Details

The Monument of Japan's Northernmost Point can be found at the cape's tip. It has long been a popular stopover location for both motorists and tourists. The monument has been considered a symbol of Cape Soya and can be seen in postcards and articles about the place.

Monument of Japan's Northernmost Point

On a clear day, you would see Sakhalin Island from here.

Infoboards for the Monument of Japan's Northernmost Point and Mamiya Rinzō Statue

Cape Soya Map

The road going up to Cape Soya Peace Memorial Park

However, there are other monuments in Cape Soya like the following:

The Tower of Prayer

The Tower of Prayer – It is a memorial shaped like a paper crane. It is dedicated to Korean Air Lines Flight 007 which was shot down in 1983. It is also the tallest monument in the area.

Mamiya Rinzō Statue

Mamiya Rinzō Statue – He is a Japanese explorer who explored Karafuto (now Sakhalin) and mapped the northern territories.

Soya Misaki Music Monument

Soya Misaki Music Monument – It is a monument about the 1976 hit ballad “Soya Misaki”. The song is written by local songwriter Yoshida Hiroshi and famous Enka music composer Funamura Toru.

The Monument of Peace – It is a memorial for the sunken submarine USS Wahoo.

Akebono Statue

Akebono Statue – It is a monument depicting a man and woman together. Surprisingly, it honors Hokkaido's dairy sector.

La Perouse Monument – It is a memorial to La Perouse, a French naval commander who led two ships in 1787 and discovered the strait in northern Hokkaido which was later named after him.
Kenji Miyazawa Literature Monument

Kenji Miyazawa Literature Monument - It is a literary monument about a poem written by Kenji Miyazawa when he was on a ship from Wakkanai Port going to Sakhalin.

Soya Coastal Waters Navy War Memorial - A memorial monument dedicated to those who died in the line of duty in the defense of the Soya area.

Site of Omisaki Junior High School – It’s a monument to remember the site of the former Omisaki Junior High School.

Future of Our Children Peace Bell – It is a bell wishing for the good health of children and peace in the home and the community.

World Peace Bell 

World Peace Bell – The bell was cast using copper mixed with coins and medals from 81 countries. The bell reminds people about the horrors of war.

Saihoku Kanko Co., Ltd. Kashiwaya - Northernmost restaurant and souvenir shop of Japan

Northernmost mailbox in Japan

Northernmost public toilet in Japan

Cape Soya Lighthouse - The Northernmost lighthouse in Japan

Cape Soya also houses numerous establishments and things that are labeled 
“Northernmost _________ in Japan” like the northernmost restaurant, mailbox, lighthouse, souvenir store, and public toilet to name a few.

My family and I visited Cape Soya for the first time during the 4th day of our 5-day "Drive Up North" road trip last August 15, 2022. This was my 287th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. Visiting Cape Soya was the main objective of our road trip and as well as its highlight. Of course, we didn’t miss having our family photo taken at the Monument of Japan's Northernmost Point. Aside from that, we also explored Cape Soya Park and took photos of the different monuments found in it.

Team Nicerio visits Cape Soya

Overall, it was a big achievement for us to finally visit Japan’s northernmost point. Hopefully, next year, we get to visit Japan’s southernmost point which is Okinotorishima even if it sounds impossible. In that way, I get to visit the two extreme points of Japan.

Cape Soya Admission Fee:

It’s FREE to explore Cape Soya grounds and take photos of the monuments. Make sure to bring money if you want to buy souvenirs.

Cape Soya Operating Hours

Cape Soya is open 24/7 however, the operating hours of restaurants and souvenir stores vary.

Why visit Cape Soya?

Cape Soya is a must-visit if you are in Hokkaido. Who wouldn’t want to visit the northernmost point of Japan? Also on a clear day, you could see the southern part of Sakhalin, particularly Cape Krillion.

Getting to Cape Soya

From JR Wakkanai Station ride the Soya Bus going to Cape Soya.

The one-way bus price from Wakkanai Station Bus Terminal to Soya Misaki bus stop is 1,420 (720 for children and people with impairments). A low-cost remembrance ticket (2,560 round-trips) is available at the Station Bus Terminal Ticket Counter.




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  1. Congratulations on reaching the northernmost part of Japan.

  2. Is it true that you can see Russia from here?

    1. Yes. You can see the tip of Sakhalin on a clear day. =)


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