Cape Soya Shrine - Hokkaido

Cape Soya Shrine (宗谷岬神社) is Japan's northernmost unmanned shrine. It is located at 1 Cape Soya, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Cape Soya Shrine

Cape Soya Shrine details

Cape Soya Shrine locally called Soyamisaki Shrine was established in Shiriusu, Wakkanai in 1889. It was relocated to its current location in 2001. As written earlier, the shrine is unmanned hence, you won’t be able to get a goshuin here for your collection.

Cape Soya Shrine (宗谷岬神社

Cape Soya Shrine torii

Cape Soya Shrine worship hall

The deity Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto is enshrined in Cape Soya Shrine. Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto is the God of Water, the God of Child Care, the God of Treasures, the God of Transportation, and the God of Arts and Crafts.

Cape Soya Shrine Komainu

Cape Soya Shrine Komainu

Cape Soya Shrine un-gyo

Cape Soya Shrine a-gyo

Cape Soya Shrine chozuya

Pilgrims visit the shrine to pray for the conception and safe delivery of their babies. Some motorists also stop by to offer prayers for safe travels.

Team Nicerio visits Cape Soya Shrine

My family and I visited Cape Soya Shrine for the first time during the 4th day of our 5-day "Drive Up North" road trip last August 15, 2022. This was my 287th day here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme.  Since my daughter and I had the habit of visiting shrines to offer prayers and pay respects, that’s why we didn’t miss the Cape Soya Shrine. Aside from that, we also explored Cape Soya Park and took photos of the different monuments found in it.

Cape Soya Shrine Admission Fee

It’s FREE to visit and explore Cape Soya Shrine grounds. Parking is also free as it is beside the free parking area of Cape Soya.

Cape Soya Shrine Operating Hours

The shrine grounds are open 24/7. However, it is unmanned so you won’t be able to get goshuin here.

Why visit Cape Soya Shrine?

Cape Soya Shrine is considered to be the northernmost unmanned shrine in Japan. It’s a perfect side trip if you’re visiting Cape Soya’s famed Monument of Japan's Northernmost Point.

Getting to Cape Soya Shrine


From JR Wakkanai Station ride the Soya Bus going to Cape Soya bus stop. From there, Cape Soya Shrine is just a few meters away on foot.

The one-way bus price from Wakkanai Station Bus Terminal to Soya Misaki bus stop is 1,420 (720 for children and people with impairments). A low-cost remembrance ticket (2,560 round-trips) is available at the Station Bus Terminal Ticket Counter.




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