Sarufutsu Park - Hokkaido

Sarufutsu Park (さるふつ公園) is a vast park with numerous facilities for locals and visitors to enjoy. It is located at 214-7 Hamaonishibetsu, Sarufutsu Village in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Sarufutsu Park

Sarufutsu Park details

As mentioned, Sarufutsu Park has numerous man-made facilities built to accommodate the different needs and wants of the locals and tourists.

Sarufutsu Park - Sarufutsu Village, Hokkaido Prefecture

Coming from the north, the Wind and Snow Tower, also known as Fusetsu Tower, is the first structure that catches your sight. It was designed to resemble a Dutch windmill. The Agricultural Museum is located nearby. These were built in 1959 to commemorate the town's production of 20,000 tons of raw milk. Sadly, both are closed and you can't go inside them.

Sarufutsu Park map

Agricultural Museum

Fusetsu Tower

Aside from that, you will also find the Sarufutsu Roadside Station, Hotel Sarufutsu, Sarufutsu Ikoinoyu Spa, Sarufutsu Marugotokan, and Yumekukan in the park.

Hotel Sarufutsu

Sarufutsu Roadside Station

Sarufutsu Roadside Station has a 24/7 toilet area for motorists who are passing through the village. It also has the roadside station stamp for your stamp collection. Speaking of collections, the souvenir store sells a plethora of products for your collection or consumption.

Sarufutsu Marugotokan

Sarufutsu Milk

The Sarufutsu Marugotokan and Yumekukan offer a variety of food for those who are looking for a quick meal. You can also buy some local products like Sarufutsu milk. For those who want to explore the culinary specialty of Sarufutsu, they can try the famed scallop (hotate) dishes at the Sarufutsu Koen Roadside Station Restaurant.

Sarufutsu Park Camping Ground

Hotel Sarufutsu

If you plan to stay for the night, you may choose between Hotel Sarufutsu and the Sarufutsu Park Camping Ground. In case you plan to camp, you can have a refreshing bath at the Sarufutsu Ikoinoyu Spa.

Fisheries Monument

Scallop Fossil Group (ほたて化石群)

One of the anchors of the ill-fated Indrigika

Indrigirka Victims Memorial

Across Route 238, you'll discover a collection of noteworthy monuments, including the Indrigirka Victims Memorial and the Fisheries Monument.

Team Nicerio visits Sarufutsu Park

My family and I visited Sarufutsu Park for the first time last August 15, 2022, which was the 4th day of our 5-day "Drive Up North" Road Trip 
which was my 42nd week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. We made sure to include Sarufutsu Park in our itinerary because the Sarufutsu Roadside Station is located there and my daughter and I are collecting roadside station stamps for the Hokkaido Roadside Station Stamp Rally. We also bought some omiyage at the souvenir store and tried the Sarufutsu milk sold at the Sarufutsu Marugotokan. Before leaving we took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful view of the Sea of Okhotsk while checking out the monuments.

Sarufutsu Park Admission Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Sarufutsu Park. Parking is also FREE.

Sarufutsu Park Operating Hours

Sarufutsu Park is open 24/7 however, each facility in the park has its own operating time.

Why visit Sarufutsu Park?

Sarufutsu Park is one of the best stop-over destinations for driving along Okhotsk Hotate Road/ Route 238. Plenty of things to do and eat in the park make your visit worthwhile.

Getting to Sarufutsu Park

The best way to reach Sarufutsu Roadside Station is by private vehicle.

The closest that public transportation can bring you is Sarufutsu Village. Ride the Soya Bus from Asahikawa City to Onishibetsu Terminal. There is 1 round trip per day. However, you need to make a reservation.

Soya Bus Onishibetsu Terminal - (01635)2-3232
Fare: One way – 4,900 yen / Round trip 8800 yen




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  1. How was the taste of the Sarufutsu Milk?

    1. Some say it's good. I'm not a milk expert so it tastes the same to me. =(


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