Sirena ng Atimonan - Quezon

Located along the Pan-Philippine Highway a few kilometers outside the town proper of Atimonan in the province of Quezon, the Sirena is a mermaid statue that is probably one of the most famous landmarks of the province. The statue is called by some the Sirena ng Atimonan, while others call it Sirena ng Quezon but to most, it is referred to only as of the Sirena.

Legend of the Atimonan Sirena
Sirena ng Atimonan

Sirena ng Atimonan Details

Sitting on top of a huge boulder on the side of the Pan-Philippine Highway, the Sirena seems to be locked in an eternal gaze searching among the passing motorists the man that would hopefully release her from her current petrified state.

Sirena ng Atimonan - Atimonan, Quezon

Can you spot the mermaid?

Being partly Atimonanin (thanks to my mom's bloodline), I spent most of my summer vacations visiting my cousins living in the said province. Because Atimonan is a coastal town, the beach was always our favorite destination. It was on one of those trips that I first caught a glimpse of the Sirena.

I went to investigate the Sirena

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Being too young then, I was too amazed, intrigued, and curious about its story. Throughout time, I would hear different versions of that story but it would always be that first version that I find worthy of sharing... This version came from my grandparents.

The Legend of the Sirena

A long time ago, just when Ate Monang was starting her small community, fishing was an essential livelihood that kept the said community surviving. 

The Legend of Quezon's Sirena
The Legend of Atimonan's Sirena

One fateful night, a storm suddenly struck while its handful of fishermen were fishing at sea. Miraculously, the fishermen got back home safely except for one. This sent the town into grieving. Then after a week, he suddenly appeared by the beach like nothing happened. He talked about being saved by a mermaid but the townspeople didn't take his story seriously. 

According to those who believed his story, he was usually seen going to the rocky part of the beach before vanishing. He would also talk to his friends about a magical (some say golden) comb that he said gives him the power to call the mermaid simply by dipping it into the sea. 

Took a souvenir photo with Atimonan's Sirena!

However, as tragedy struck, the town was attacked by Moro pirates and the survivors scattered inland towards the safety of the mountains. Nothing was heard of the young fisherman afterward. It was said that he perished protecting the town from the pirates, some say that he died of sickness in the mountains, others believed that he found a new love in a town far from Atimonan. Years later, locals would claim to see a beautiful maiden sitting on top of a huge boulder by the sea looking at the mountains of Atimonan. However, when they would approach her, she would jump into the sea and vanish. 

Presently, a statue was built on top of the boulder where this maiden was frequently seen. This reminds the new generation of the tragic love story of Sirena and the fisherman. However, years back, a very angry man who hated the world particularly the idea of LOVE took out his gun and blew the head of the Sirena statue. It was reconstructed but its original beauty was not restored. Looking at it closely, you would notice that the head is smaller than its now seemingly muscular body.

The Backpack Adventures visits Sirena ng Atimonan

Overall, the Sirena and its folklore would always be a part of Atimonan's identity. You could probably compare it to the Lion's Head of Baguio City

Sirena ng Atimonan Admission Fee:

There are NO admission fees to pay to view the Sirena ng Atimonan.

Sirena ng Atimonan Opening Hours:

You can visit the Sirena ng Atimonan at any time of the day. However, it is highly suggested not to visit it late at night or if the weather is bad.

Why visit Sirena ng Atimonan?

Sirena ng Atimonan is the town's most famous landmark. It is comparable to Baguio's Lion's Head. There's nothing much to do here but seeing the Sirena statue up close is something you should do at least once in your life.

Getting to Sirena ng Atimonan:

From Manila, Pasay, or Alabang ride a bus going to Lucena's Grand Terminal. Transfer to a bus going to Gumaca and tell the conductor to drop you off at Atimonan. You can ride a tricycle from there that would bring you to the Sirena and other parts of the town.

Another option is to ride a bus bound to Naga or Legazpi City. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Atimonan. From there, you can ride a tricycle to bring you to the Sirena and other parts of the town.

Travel time from Manila to Atimonan: 3 and1/2 - 4 hours depending on traffic.
Fare total: 450 - 550 pesos

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  1. Nice, persuasively ang pagkalarawan ng sirena sa tabing dagat; when you have the opportunity, try to visit Denmark and say hello to the "mermaid of Copenhagen"' more power to your backpacking adventures. Keep safe!

    1. Thanks Raffy! I would love to visit Denmark soon. =)

  2. Bigla akong nalungkot sa story 🥺

  3. Eto pala kuwento ng Sirena ng Atimonan. Salamat Idol!

  4. Lagi ko tong nakikita pagumuuwi kami sa Bicol. Nakakatuwa naman ang istorya nito.

    1. =) Salamat po sa pagiwan ng komento sa aking blog.

  5. Nice story. Yun pala ang kuwento ng sirena ng Atimonan.


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