10 Things to Do in Sarufutsu

10 Things to Do in Sarufutsu

Sarufutsu (猿払村) is a village in the Sōya Subprefecture in Hokkaido, Japan. The name Sarufutsu is derived from the Ainu word "sar-put." (mouth of reed field). It was once a place name for the mouth of a river in the modern Hamasarufutsu district.

For those planning to visit Sarufutsu to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Sarufutsu:

Sarufutusu manhole cover

1. Take a picture of Sarufutusu’s unique manhole cover. So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole cover. It is common and can be seen around Sarufutsu village proper.

Sarufutsu Park Underground Walkway

2. Cross Highway 238 using the Sarufutsu Park Underground Walkway and appreciate how this common underground walkway is transformed into an artistic path using a black light.

Onishibetsu Shrine

3. Visit the Onishibetsu Shrine. You can pay your respects and offer prayers here any time of the day. It is unmanned so you can’t get a goshuin here.

Indigirka Cenotaph

4. Visit the "Indigirka” cenotaph across the highway from the roadside station and offer a short prayer for the 741 lives that perished during the sinking of the Russian ship Indigirka along the coast of the Sarufutsu in 1939.

Sarufutsu Milk

5. Buy and drink Sarufutsu Milk. It is said to be one of the most delicious in Hokkaido.

Sarufutsu Ikoinoyu Spa

6. Take a dip at the onsen of Sarufutsu Ikoinoyu Spa. They accept day trip bathers and the price is very affordable.

Sarufutsu Park Camping Ground

7. Pitch a tent and camp overnight at Sarufutsu Park Camping Ground. It’s near the Sarufutsu Roadside Station and the Sarufutsu Hotel which has an onsen available for day-trippers.

Sarufutsu Roadside Station

8. Visit the Sarufutsu Roadside Station / Roadside Rest Area "Sarufutsu Park” and buy products that are made in the village. You can also get the roadside station stamp here for the Hokkaido Stamp rally booklet.

Wind and Snow Tower

9. Take a photo of the Wind and Snow Tower in Sarufutsu Park. The windmill and the barn beside it will give you the feeling that you are in the Netherlands.

Sarufutsu – Esanuka Road

10. Drive or bike the whole length of the Sarufutsu – Esanuka Road. It is one of the most scenic roads in Hokkaido.

I hope my list of the 10 Things to Do in Sarufutsu gave you an idea and inspiration to visit this beautiful quiet village in the future.




  1. Cool. You visited another little known town in Hokkaido.

    1. Thank you. Please do check out my blog daily for new destinations.

  2. The Indrigirka Incident is one of Russia's most terrible naval catastrophies. I read about it some time ago. I think the ship is an overloaded prisoner ship and some of the crews and prisoners killed each other during the time the ship was sinking and less than half of the passengers survived.


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