Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 39

Weekend 39: July 30 - 31, 2022

Day 271: July 30, 2022

Saturday - Mashike Town Noryu Fireworks Festival

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. It's perfect because later at night we will head to Mashike to watch the Mashike Town Noryu Firework Festival

Off to Teacher Kanda’s house

We are very thankful to Teacher Kanda because she invited us to come with her for this trip. It won't be possible for us to witness it as we can't use our car yet and there won't be any more buses that can bring us back home after the festival if we chose to commute to the location.

Snacks at Teacher Kanda's place

Obira Summer Orange

In the afternoon, my family and I went to Teacher Kanda's place for an early dinner bonding with Ikuko-san and the Rumoi Elementary ALT. Ikuko-san brought a watermelon grown in the town of Obira. It was called Obira Summer Orange. The name came from the unique orange color of its flesh which tastes very sweet. 

Off to Mashike

We left Teacher Kanda's place at around 6:30PM. Sadly, Ikuko-san didn't come with us to Mashike as she will have a Zoom meeting later that night. 

We met some of my students from Rumoi High School

Mashike Town Noryu Fireworks Festival

We arrived at Mashike Port at around 7:20PM. The Mashike Town Noryu Fireworks Festival started right on schedule at 7:45PM. There were about 2500 fireworks that lit up the skies during the 35-minute fireworks show.

Photos from Mashike Fireworks Festival

The air was not only filled with the lights and sounds of the fireworks but also with voices exclaiming "sugoi" and "wow" followed by a unison of ecstatic cheering and clapping. 

After the festival, Teacher Kanda drove us home to wrap up our Saturday night. We wanted to treat her to snacks but there were just so many people who attended the festival that going out of the port parking lot already took us time. Regardless, there would be a lot of chances to do that as Teacher Kanda already invited us to travel to other places someday soon. 

Day 272: July 31, 2022

Sunday - Afternoon stroll with the family

It's the end of my 39th weekend here in Japan. Although we rested for half the day, my family and I decided to go on a stroll in the afternoon. We went to Rumoi Roadside Station, Chairumo, and then Senba Park.

Time for another stroll around Rumoi City

Rumoi Roadside Station


Inside Chairumo

That was my first time visiting and touring the park, and I was surprised by its size and beauty. It has a flower garden, a mini-golf course, and several hills. Senba Park is large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, as well as walking, jogging, biking, and picnics.

Next stop: Lapita Ramen

Team Nicerio at Lapita Ramen

I ordered the spicy miso ramen

When it got dark, we headed back home. On our way, we decided to eat dinner at Lapita Ramen. The restaurant is famous for its ramen. My wife liked the taste of the ramen and also the ambiance of the place. She said that it is on her top ramen restaurant list here in Rumoi.  

We had another great weekend! See you next week!

Overall, my family and I had another amazing weekend. We bonded with friends and traveled to Mashike and around Rumoi City. We are looking forward to what next week has to offer. 

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