Bonifacio Shrine in Indang - Cavite

Located in Barangay Limbon, Indang in the province of Cavite, the Bonifacio Shrine of Indang is one of the historical landmarks dedicated to the Father of the Philippine Revolution -Andres Bonifacio. 

Bonifacio Shrine Indang
Bonifacio Shrine of Indang

Bonifacio Shrine in Indang History

Bonifacio Shrine in Indang marks the location of the nipa hut where Andres Bonifacio was seized and captured by the soldiers of his political rival and fellow revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo in 1897. It was also here that Bonifacio was gravely injured after he was shot by an arresting soldier when he was being dragged to Indang town proper to be imprisoned.

Bonifacio Shrine in Indang, Cavite

This is how I look like pre-sneeze.

The arrest of Bonifacio Philippine Historical Commission marker

Presently, the historical nipa hut did not win against the tests of time. A small public park was constructed where the nipa hut was said to have once stood. The park features a statue of a seemingly very surprised Andres Bonifacio who was still clenching on his trusted bolo. Behind him are the different flags of the Katipunan, the most famous of which was designed by Bonifacio himself. Aside from that, there is also a cemented stairwell leading to what I thought was an underground secret base of the Katipunan but it turned out to be a campsite where visitors could gather do some camping, or simply reflect on the freedom that they enjoy.

Bonifacio Shrine as seen from the gate

No secret Katipunero bases down there!

I got to visit this shrine by pure chance actually. My family and I were on our 2018 Cavite Loop Visita Iglesia when I was asked by my Google Maps to choose from 3 different routes from Naic going to Tagaytay. I chose the route that passes through the town of Indang which was the fastest among the three. It was during one of the readjustments of the app that brought us to what seemed like an artery road. This road passes by the shrine. Being the travel blogger that I am, I have to make a stop to explore it of course. There is nothing much to see though but the marker is a good read plus I got to cross out one of the destinations in my Bonifacio Trail plan. 

Bonifacio Shrine as seen from the side of the road

Literally, there is no parking here. You can park several meters away by the side of the road

Bonifacio Shrine in Indang Admission Fee:

It is FREE to enter and explore Bonifacio Shrine in Indang.

Why visit Bonifacio Shrine in Indang?

Overall, the Bonifacio Shrine in Indang is a must-visit if you're studying and following Andres Bonifacio's historical trail. However, I don't recommend you to visit this if it is your sole destination because going to it is a challenge in itself and there is really nothing much to see and do there too. It's only good as a side trip destination or if you combine it with a trip to Balete Falls or Indang Church.

Getting to Bonifacio Shrine of Indang:

This place is easily reached when you have your own car as there is no direct transportation from Manila going to Barangay Limbon in Indang. If you're going to commute here's how you can reach the shrine.

From Manila, ride the LRT going to Gil Puyat Station. From there, walk to Jam Liner Buendia Bus Terminal and ride on a bus bound to Carmona. From there you can ride a taxi to Indang. From the town proper, you can ride a tricycle/ jeepney going to Barangay Limbon.

Another option is by riding a bus via MIA or Coastal Route from Manila.  Then board down at Southwest Integrated Provincial Transport Terminal. Take a bus ride going to Indang, Cavite - Baes, or Ferdinand Liner. Tell the driver to drop you at the jeepney terminal at Indang town proper. You can ride a jeepney or tricycle going to Barangay Limbon.


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  1. Nang Makita ko itong Marker ni Gat. Andres Bonifacio ang Tunay na Bayani ng Ating Lahi Ako ay nkaramdam ng Lungkot Dahil sa Kamay ng Kakampi siya na Patay Hindi sa Ang Traydor pa ang Kinilala nating na iSang Huwad na Bayani


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