Japan Diaries 4: Week 39

Week 39: July 25 - 29, 2022

Day 266 - July 25, 2022

Monday - Rumoi (Annual Physical Check-Up)

Good morning everyone! It's the students' last week of July and the first week of summer vacation. 

Rumoi High School 7/25/2022

Today, the staff and the teachers of Rumoi High School are scheduled to have their annual physical check-ups. Of course that includes me. I'm very thankful to Matsuda-sensei for helping me fill out and translate the forms. It made the process a walk in the park for me. 

They took 4 vials of blood from me. 😰😰😰

The annual physical check-up finished a little before 11AM. Since I had plenty of time on my hands, I used it to craft some activities for Motoyama-sensei's class and also practice Matsuda-sensei for his planned Eiken Grade 1 test in the future.

Afternoon stroll along Rumoi River

We visited Sweet House Non Non for the first time

We bought a Roll Cake. It tastes good!

COOP Rumoi

Ella writing a wish to add to the COOP wish tree

After work, my wife went on a walk along the Rumoi River and in the Shinomencho area of Rumoi City. From there, we decided to go to COOP for some groceries. On the way, we stopped by Sweet House Non Non in the Igarashicho area. We tried the Roll Cake for only 130 yen. 

Overall, today is my first summer vacation here in Japan. However, unlike in the Philippines where you also go on a summer vacation, we were required to report for work. Regardless, I have three summer vacation leaves and six more nenkyu (paid leaves) at my disposal and I'm also eyeing some days this month when I would file them. 

Day 267 - July 26, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi 

Finally, a sunny morning. Today, I'm heading back to Rumoi High School to report for work. Since there are no more classes, I'm using my time to improve my Japanese skills. I used the book Japanese For Busy People 1. 

Rumoi High School 7/26/2022

In the afternoon, a reporter from Rumoi Shinbun came to interview Mugi-chan and Kouga-san and I was required to be there together with Matsuda-sensei as I was the one who trained her. It was a very long interview as it ended around 5PM. 

Another stroll along the Rumoi River

When I got back home, I rested for a bit, and just like yesterday my family and I went for a walk on the walkway behind the Rumoi River

Day 268 - July 27, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 7/27/2022

Studying Japanese using the Japanese for Busy People 1 book.

It's a cloudy Wednesday. Today, I'm heading back to Rumoi High School to report for work. Like yesterday, I spent most of my day studying Japanese using the book Japanese For Busy People 1

Rumondo (ルモンド菓子店 )

It's our first time visiting Rumondo

It all looks so delicious

We let Ella decide which to order

We ate outside the store to enjoy the warmth of the sun

In the afternoon, my family and I went out once again for a walk. This time we decided to go to Ogonmisaki Seaside Park to watch the sunset. On our way there, we stopped by Rumundo to try out their soft cream and gelato. 

We passed by the Rumoi Uminofurusatokan

Mt. Hiyori and the Remains of the Beacon Fire Platform

Heading down to Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

Sadly when we arrived at Ogonmisaki Seaside Park, it was cloudy and we were not able to see the famed sunset of the cape. Regardless, the view was still worth the long walk.

An afternoon at Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

Waiting for the sunset

Ogonmisaki Seaside Park

Sadly, it was cloudy and we were not able to witness the sunset... maybe next time.

It is time to head back home

Rumoi Kita 8 jodori

Dinner at Sukiya Rumoi

Speaking of long walks, we walked for about 4 kilometers one way that's why we decided to stop by Sukiya to eat dinner and rest for a bit before going home. 

Coffee break at 711 in Hanazonocho

711 Cafe Latte is one of the best convenience store coffees in Japan

We also did a quick stop at 711 in the Hanazonocho area of Rumoi to get the fix of our now favorite 711 cafe latte. 

That wraps up my 268th day in Japan. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's adventure.

Day 269 - July 28, 2022

Thursday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 7/28/2022

It's another cloudy day. Today, I biked to Rumoi High School for work. Like yesterday, I spent most of the day studying Japanese. 

Rumoi City Hall

After work, Matsuda-sensei drove me to Rumoi City Hall and helped me apply for my Juminhyo or my residence certificate.

Philippine Banana + Hokkaido Milk = Yum!

When I got back home, my family and I headed out for her new blender. On the other hand, I bought some chopped raw octopus to eat later - sashimi style.  

When we got home, we received an invitation from Teacher Kanda about a trip to Mashike this coming Saturday to see the Mashike Town Tourist Port Festival Fireworks display. Of course, we said yes as the Rumoi Festival this Saturday was postponed to September. Well, at least now we have something to look forward to this weekend. 

Day 270 - July 29, 2022

Friday - Rumoi

TGIF! It's the last day of the work week, It's still a cloudy day and it's interesting to note that the melody created by the cicada and crickets fills up the morning air like listening to an orchestra playing in your earphones. 

Rumoi High School 7/29/2022

Today, I'm back at Rumoi High School, and like in the past few days, I spent my work time self studying Japanese using the book Japanese For Busy People 1 as a reference. 

The Gray Man

Unlike in the past few days when we went out for walks, I just stayed home with my family and binge-watched some Netflix films with my family. We watched The Gray Man and Dune. I enjoyed both films as I finished the film Dune way past midnight while my wife and daughter fell asleep hallway to the film. 


Overall, this week was more of a "Learning Week" for me as I have spent a lot of time reading and writing Japanese. Hopefully, I get to be fluent in Japanese someday soon.  

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