Senba Park - Hokkaido

Senba Park (船場公園), also referred to as Funaba Park, is a wide open park behind the Rumoi Roadside Station and the JR Rumoi Station. It is located at 2 Chome-114 Funabacho, Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Senba Park

Senba Park Details

The site where Senba Park is now was once owned by the former Japan National Railways (JNR) Haboro Line. The old JNR Haboro Line once operated between Rumoi Station and Horonobe Station. The line was discontinued on March 30, 1987 (Showa 62) due to the closing of the coal mine in Haboro Town.

Senba Park - Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture

The local government acquired the land and developed it to be one of Rumoi City’s recreational spaces. Currently, it has a dog run, a small golf course, a Rainbow garden, and above all things a spacious open area.

Senba Park map

Senba Park as seen from the second floor of Rumoi Roadside Station

Senba Park's mini golf course

It’s a perfect place to go walking, jogging, playing outdoor sports, and even having a picnic. The last time my family and I visited Senba Park was July 31, 2022which was my 272nd day here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme.

Senba Park Flower Garden

Speaking about our last visit, since it was a beautiful afternoon, my wife and I enjoyed the afternoon stroll in the park. That is after we tried the famed soft cream sold in the Rumoi Roadside Station

Ella reached the top of the mini hill in Senba Park

Team Nicerio visits Senba Park

My daughter on the other hand enjoyed biking and rolling down the hill. Overall, Senba Park is one of our favorite go-to places in Rumoi City if we want to relax or take a stroll.

Senba Park Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Senba Park. However, if you want to use it for private events, you need to apply for a reservation and pay the fee based on how the park would be used.

Senba Park Operating Hours

Senba Park is open 24/7.

Why visit Senba Park?

Senba Park is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a large outdoor open space to relax or play some outdoor sports. It’s also a nice place to have picnics.

Getting to Senba Park


Senba Park is just behind Rumoi Roadside Station. This means that you have a wide space for parking in case you come by car. 

If you are commuting, ride the Horonobe Rumoi Line of the Engan Bus and board down at the Funaba Koen Mae bus stop.

If you're coming in by train, despite being literally behind the train station, Senba Park is still about 10-15 minutes away on foot from Rumoi Station. 




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