10 Things to Do in Moseushi

10 Things to Do in Moseushi
10 Things to Do in Moseushi

Moseushi (妹背牛町) is a town in the Sorachi Subprefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. The town's name is derived from the Ainu language "Moseushi" and "Mose Ushii" which means "a place where nettles thrive" or "a place where thatch is customarily cut". However, it is believed to have been a modified translation. The town's name was originally spelled "Bouno Yushi," but it was changed to its current name "Moseushi" in 1898.

For those planning to visit Moseushi to check what it has to offer, here are the 10 Things to Do in Moseushi:

Moseushi manhole cover
Moseushi manhole cover

1. Take a picture of Moseushi’s unique manhole cover. So far, I have seen 1 unique manhole cover. It is uncommon but some can be seen near Moseushi Onsen Peperu.

Restaurant Ajidokoro Yonezato

2. Eat at Restaurant Ajidokoro Yonezato (レストラン 味処米里) which is located inside Moseushi Onsen Peperu. You should try the cutlet curry and the momodon.

Restaurant Kishu (食事処 紀州)

3. Eat at Restaurant Kishu (食事処 紀州) and order the miso-katsu which is the most popular food in the restaurant. If you want to splurge a bit, then order the chirashi sushi.

4. Buy the Moseushi rice. It is often sold as a Premium Ayaka Kita brand. It is said to be one of the most delicious in Hokkaido.

Moseushi Shrine

5. Visit the Moseushi Shrine (妹背牛神社). You can pay your respects and offer prayers here any time of the day. You can also get a goshuin here.

6. Play golf at the Yusui Park Urara Park Golf Course (遊水公園うらら パークゴルフ場). It’s available from May 1st to October 31st. You can rent golf clubs and golf balls here.

Moseushi Curling Hall

7. Learn or try curling in the Moseushi Curling Hall(妹背牛町カーリングホール). The indoor curling facility can be used from November to March every year. You can rent equipment in the facility.

Moseushi Yusui Park Urara

8. Bring your kid to Moseushi Yusui Park Urara (妹背牛遊水公園うらら管理棟) in the summer. It’s a fun place for the kids to play and meet other kids. There are also some food stalls here that sell snacks and drinks.

Moseushi Town Folk Museum

9. Visit the Moseushi Town Folk Museum (妹背牛町郷土館) and learn about the rich history of Moseushi. This museum has plenty of interesting displays showing the olden times of the town. 

Moseushi Onsen Peperu

10. Take a dip in the onsen of Moseushi Onsen Peperu (妹背牛温泉ペペル). It has a good indoor and outdoor onsen area. You can even buy locally made and produced products here.

I hope my list of the 10 Things to Do in Moseushi gave you an idea and inspiration to visit this small but beautiful town in the future.


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  1. I have never heard of this town before but thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. Please do visit Moseushi in the future.


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