Matatsu Shrine - Hokkaido

Matatsu Shrine (真龍神社) is the main shrine of the town of Hokuryu. It is currently designated as a village shrine and observes its yearly holiday on September 10th. It is located at 1-17 Wamachi in the town of Hokuryu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Matatsu Shrine

Matatsu Shrine details

Also called Shinryu Shrine, Matatsu Shrine was established by settlers from Chiba in 1893. According to historical accounts, they built a wooden pillar at Wa 35-3 and enshrined Amaterasu-no-Omikami and Hachiman-Okami. This served as one of the first shrines of the community. 

Matatsu Shrine (真龍神社) - Hokuryu, Hokkaido Prefecture

Aside from Matatsu Shrine, there were three other shrines established by different families in the area. In 1911, the four shrines were enshrined together in the precincts of Genna Shrine which was later renamed Shinryu Shrine. This shrine was built using the Shinmei-zukuri architectural design.

Matatsu Shrine main torii

The shrine was promoted to a village shrine on January 14, 1927. ironically it was not named Hokuryu Shrine as Hokuryu already had a village shrine in 1909. However, due to a change in village boundaries, Hokuryu Shrine is presently in the town of Numata. Hence, Matatsu Shrine became Hokuryu's main shrine.  

Matatsu Shrine temizu

There are currently plaques of "Wa Shrine," written by Sonosuke Yoshiue, the chairman of the Chiba organization, and "Shinryu Shrine," written by Shoichiro Yoshiue, the pioneering group's leader and the parliamentary vice minister of trade and industry. Shosuke Yoshiue, the grandson, is known for his paintings on the plaque. That makes three generations of the Yoshuie family bound to the Matatsu Shrine

Matatsu Shrine komainu

Matatsu Shrine un-gyō

Matatsu Shrine a-gyō

Matatsu Shrine currently has a total shrine area of 81.5 square meters and serves about 500 households. I went to Matasu Shrine with my daughter for the first time last August 6, 2022, my 278th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme

We offered our prayers and did the customary ringing of the shrine bell.

Matatsu Shrine was our first stop on our first road trip after purchasing a car. My daughter and I intend to visit all of the main shrines in Hokkaido Prefecture's cities, towns, and villages. We gave a prayer and made some wishes during our visit.

Matatsu Shrine Admission Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore the Matatsu Shrine vicinity.

Matatsu Shrine Operating Hours

Matatsu Shrine is open from 9AM to 4PM for those who need services. Regardless, if you just want to visit, the shrine grounds are open 24/7

Why visit Matatsu Shrine?

Matatsu Shrine is the main shrine of the town of Hokuryu. It serves most of the households in the town. It's a place where they go to pay respect to the enshrined kami and also to pray for a good harvest and good fortune. As for us, my daughter and I believe that we get to make a wish whenever we visit a new shrine. 

Getting to Matatsu Shrine

Board down at Takikawa Eki Mae on the JR Hakodate Line. From there ride the Chuo bus with the Sapporo-Rumoi route and get off at Hokuryu Yakuba Mae. The shrine is about 210 meters away from the bus stop. 

Travel time: 32 minutes
Fare: 730 yen  




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