Moseushi Onsen Peperu - Hokkaido

Moseushi Onsen Peperu (妹背牛温泉ペペル) is a favorite spot for locals to take a dip and unwind. It's a must-visit day spa onsen. This place is located at 5208 Moseushi in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Moseushi Onsen Peperu

Moseushi Onsen Peperu details

Moseushi Onsen Peperu opened to the public sometime in 1993. Its name came from the Ainu word “pe” which means water and “peru” which means spring.

Moseushi Onsen Peperu (妹背牛温泉ペペル)

It’s a go-to place for locals and visitors from nearby towns. It’s not surprising to see bathers even on a hot summer day. This is probably because the hot spring in Moseushi Onsen Peperu is believed to be a remedy for arthralgia, frozen shoulders, chronic fatigue, chronic skin disease, and many more.

The spring water contains sodium chloride which is also referred to as bicarbonate spring. Moseushi Onsen Peperu has an indoor and also an open-air bath with a relaxing view of the garden.

Welcome to Moseushi Onsen Peperu

Inside Moseushi Onsen Peperu

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are on sale during the harvest season

Locals products are promoted and sold here too

There are massage chairs and a rest area for those who just finished taking a dip in the onsen.

Aside from the onsen, tourists may also dine at Restaurant Ajidokoro. Most of the ingredients used in their dishes are produced in Moseushi.

Inside the onsen area

Moseushi Onsen Peperu Onsen Area

Outdoor onsen area

Indoor onsen area

My family and I first visited Moseushi Onsen Peperu on August 6, 2022, which was my 278th day in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. We were one of those who came at noon since I figured there would be no one else in the onsen area save us. But, lo and behold, I was one of perhaps 20 males in the onsen section for men. Aside from that, I was most likely the youngest.

Team Nicerio visits Moseushi Onsen Peperu

Overall, my family and I enjoyed our onsen experience in Moseushi Onsen Peperu. We will surely revisit it someday.

Moseushi Onsen Peperu Rates

Adults - 500 yen
Children – 250 yen
Visitors can also rent a Japanese-style room for only 1200 yen for 2 hours.

Moseushi Onsen Peperu Operating Hours

Moseushi Onsen Peperu is open from 10AM to 10 PM all year round.

Why visit Moseushi Onsen Peperu?

If you enjoy onsens, you should plan a visit to Moseushi Onsen Peperu. This is the only onsen in Moseushi at the moment. It is a perfect place to relax after a day exploring the town. Aside from that, you should also discover the unique qualities of this onsen.

Getting to Moseushi Onsen Peperu

From Asahikawa JR Station, ride the Hakodate Line and board down at Moseushi JR Station. From there, walk northwards toward Moseushi Town Hall for about 17 minutes. Moseushi Onsen Peperu is a few meters away from the town hall.

Travel time: 35 minutes
Fare: 860 yen




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