Rinku Premium Outlets - Osaka

Located at 3-28 Rinku Ourai Minami, Izumisano City in Osaka Prefecture, Rinku Premium Outlets is the largest outlet shopping center in Western Japan.

Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku Premium Outlets Details

This two-story outlet mall is styled like that of the American port city of Charleston. Rinku Premium Outlets has a good line up of stores of the most famous (and luxurious) Japanese and International brands. These stores can be found in the two areas of Rinku Premium Outlets. These areas are the Main Side, which is known to some as the GAP Side due to the famous brand being seen prominently from the highway. It is also the largest of the two areas. The other one is the Sea Side which is known to some as the Burberry Side due to the same reason as the other one.

Welcome to Rinku Premium Outlets

The mall map of Rinku Premium Outlets

For foreign tourists, make sure to bring your passport. You need to avail of the tax refund for your purchases and also to get the discount coupon that you can get in the small office in front of the GAP store. These coupons can get you as much as a 20% discount on some products.

All those luxury brands in one place...

... one picturesque place that is.

It's best to visit during the weekdays

It's perfect for window shoppers too.

Have you seen your favorite brand?

There's a place where your children would surely enjoy

This place won't be complete without that gatchapon.

What I like about Rinku Premium Outlets is its location. It is conveniently located near Kansai International Airport (KIX). Therefore, it is a great destination for those last-minute shopping moments. 

Looking for more stores

A view of Kansai Kokusai Kuko Renraku-kyo AKA Star Gate Bridge as seen from Rinku Premium Outlets

Let's have lunch at World Gourmet Junction inside the Rinku Premium Outlet

Trying out this meal...

I got to visit Rinku Premium Outlets twice already. The first was way back in 2014 and the latest was during the second day of our 2018 Japan trip. I was not able to fully explore this place during my first visit because I was there only to buy some winter apparel and I was pressed for time. It was only during my second visit that I got the chance to do it because we were there to accompany our friends. However, there were a lot of instances that I was tempted to buy some items that I really liked particularly those on sale. I just fought the urge to do so as my family and I will still be in Japan for 20 more days.

Here's some picture-perfect spot...

Gotta love Rinku Premium Outlets

Rinku Premium Outlets Admission Fee:

There are no admission fees to enter Rinku Premium Outlets. However, there are some nearby parking areas that charge parking fees.

Rinku Premium Outlets Operating Hours:

Rinku Premium Outlets is open from 10AM -7PM daily.

Why visit Rinku Premium Outlets?

Rinku Premium Outlets is a great place to go if you are looking for high-end brands. If you're lucky, you might get to buy your favorite item(s) at a discounted price. You can also do your final shopping here before your flight back home as this place is conveniently close to Kansai International Airport.

Getting to Rinku Premium Outlets:

Rinku Premium Outlets is a 6-minute walk away from the Rinku Town Station of the JR Hanwa Line and Nankai Railway Main Line.


Overall rating


  1. Such a lovely place to visit and rest one's head.

  2. The outlets looks well organised and it's features some necessary facilities. I hope you find people that will manage them properly and care for them in the best way possible. Wish you luck in finding great tenants.

    1. Hi Gloria. I agree. Well, it's not a big surprise though. Japanese are known for their superb organizational skills.

  3. Planning to visit Osaka and really this post help me.

  4. Very interesting that outlet malls look similar throughout the world. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of this one.

  5. Your photos are so bright and colorful! And the Rinku Premium Outlets mall is so nice! It seems like a great place for the whole family to enjoy a fun-filled shopping day.

  6. The place reminds me a little bit of Pier in San Francisco!

    1. This place is patterned to an American port city. =)

  7. I will go there next year! Thank for sharing

  8. That looks like one good shopping place. The fact that it is not a tall building and its open makes it more special. Would love to shop here!

  9. Seems like a good retail experience

  10. This shopping complex looks so huge and it has really got some picture perfect sports

  11. Wow..... A shopping heaven...... The structure reminds me of Ayala Town Center Alabang.....

  12. I have been to Rinku Premium Outlets last September before my flight home it has numerous shopping stores but there isn't a lot of dining options.


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