Japan Diaries 4: Week 22

Week 22: March 28 - April 1, 2022

Day 147: March 28, 2022

Monday - Rumoi

Good morning everyone It's getting warmer by the day. The snow along the road is already melting and the grass is sprouting. I feel that it's "almost" spring. 

Rumoi High School 3/28/22

On my way to work, I made a detour to Seicomart to buy sandwiches for breakfast as there wouldn't be any "in-school Lawson" today in Rumoi High School to buy snacks.

Goodbye commode

We were all busy cleaning and moving things

At work, we were busy cleaning our old commodes and then transferring them to our new designated commodes. 

I had lunch with coworkers at C-Restaurant

Here's what I ordered for lunch at C-Restaurant

During lunch, I went out to C-Restaurant with Kutsumi Sensei, Butsugu Sensei, and Onuma Sensei. I ordered chicken katsu and was surprised with how generous the servings were not to mention its delicious taste. Speaking of generosity, aside from driving us to C-Restaurant, Butsugu sensei also paid for our meal today. Wow! Thank you!

Here's my new commode

After lunch, we headed back to Rumoi High School to continue our work. That afternoon, I met up with my Rumoi ALT friends for a walk. We planned to meet up at Izumicho Park but found out that it was still deep in snow as we headed out to Golden Beach Rumoi to eat dinner by the beach while chatting but the plan was also a bad one as the wind from the sea was not only strong but cold. 

Afternoon walk with Joshua and Kiaya

An afternoon view of Golden Beach Rumoi

We ended up eating at Kiaya's place while watching Birdcage. We didn't finish the film though as it was getting late. Overall, today was a productive and fun day. I'm happy to have gotten the chance to bond with my friends despite the busy week, looking forward to more bonding in the future. 

Day 148: March 29, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 3/29/22

Now that I'm settled in my new commode in Rumoi High School, I had an opportunity to have a morning coffee chat with my outgoing supervisor Kutsumi-sensei, who is on her last few days here in Rumoi City. I also took the whole day to craft worksheets and lesson plans for the incoming first-year level. 

Everybody was busy today and many teachers were out on nenkyu (paid leave) so the faculty room was mostly quiet and there were times when I was the only one in it. Regardless, I devoted my time to schoolwork working and it was a productive day for me. 

Thank Noboru-san for driving me to Rumoi English Chat Club

That evening, I attended the bi-weekly Rumoi English Chat Club. The topic was "Free Talk".

Day 149: March 30, 2022

Wednesday - Rumoi

Good morning everyone! It's 7 degrees today. It's the warmest I have experienced since the start of the year. 

Rumoi High School 3/30/22

Although it's a Wednesday today, I have no visit to schools until mid-April. Therefore, I have to report for work at Rumoi High School until that time. 

In my free time, I study Japanese using the Japanese for Busy People book

Here's the lunch the I bought from Lawson

Today, I spent my morning studying Japanese and making worksheets for my 1st-year classes next year. During lunch period, I went to Lawson to buy food. On my way back it suddenly rained hard luckily I got to school in time before the drizzle became a pour. 

April - July visit school schedule

After lunch, Kyoto-sensei handed me my visit school assignment form. With that, I completed the "ALT Before Visiting School" Form and submitted it to Kyoto-sensei before heading home and wrapping up my day.

Day 150: March 31, 2022

Thursday - It's my birthday!

Rumoi High School 3/31/22

Beautiful morning everyone! Snow has cleared in most parts of the city which is a welcome sight after seeing it blanketed in white for several months. Today's also my special day. It's also the first time I'm celebrating my birthday away from family let alone celebrating it in another country alone. 

Goodbye Kutsumi-sensei

On the other hand, today also marks the last day in Rumoi High School for some teachers including my supervisor and friend Kutsumi-sensei. She'll be transferring to Date City. 

Thank you Hidaka-sensei for remembering my birthday and also for the birthday gift

Since the students are still on spring break, I still didn't have collaboration work today so I spent my day studying Japanese. From time to time, I help teachers do some tasks like moving stuff and laminating name cards, etc. 

Birthday dinner with my ALT friends


Here's the 3000+ yen set meal that we ordered

That night, I met with the other ALTs of Rumoi City to celebrate my birthday at Midou which is a Chinese Restaurant here in Rumoi. The 3000+ yen set meal was great and was enough for three people.  

We had some bonding time at home before calling it a day

Before we wrapped up the day, they visited my place and we had a lengthy chat about different topics ranging from effective ways to learn Japanese to weird topics like Kung Fu bears.

Day 151: April 1, 2022

Friday - Rumoi

Hello everyone! It's the first day of the month again and it's April Fool's Day. As if it was a big joke, there was a heavy snow dump last night and the city was once again blanketed with snow and the temperature dropped to 0 degrees once again. 

Rumoi High School 4/01/22

In Rumoi High School, some of the new teachers already reported for work. This includes one of my new JTEs Matsuda-sensei. 

Just like that, there was lots of snow once again

I spent the whole day studying the Japanese language. Overall, today was a productive day for me. I learned a lot of things today and in a way, it made me excited to learn more. 

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  1. Nice winter pictures. Thanks for sharing a lot about Rumoi City. I have been following your blog since last year.


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