Japan Diaries 4: Day 140

Day 140: March 21, 2022

Monday - Wakkanai Backpacking D2

Today, Japan celebrates the Shunbun no Hi or the Vernal Equinox Day. That means it's a holiday today. That's why I am out exploring. As a matter of fact, today is my 2nd day here in Wakkanai, the northernmost city of Hokkaido.

Checking out of Saito 

Wakkanai Manhole Cover

For today's adventure, woke up early to check out of Saito - My AirBnB lodging for the day and walked around the city. 

Wakkanai Nenhoji

The Backpack Adventures visits Wakkanai Nenhoji

My first stop for this walking tour of Wakkanai City is Wakkanai Nenhoji which was a ginormous vermillion-colored temple at 4 Chome-6-16 Daikoku, Wakkanai City. It is the northernmost temple of the Nenpo Shinkyo group.

Fukuko Road Wakkanai

Inside the Wakkanai Fukuko Market

From there, I headed and followed Fukuko Road until I reached the Wakkanai Fukuko Market. The store looks more like a tourist attraction and souvenir store than a market.

Can you spot the ship inside the Wakkanai Fukuko Market?

I wanted to buy some fresh seafood but since I was still exploring the city and I would be commuting later, it wouldn't be a great idea to do so that's why I contented myself with just looking and taking photos of the products of the market. From there, I walked to the nearby market to see what they offer. 

Wakauchi Maruzen Port Store

Hokkaido hairy crab

Like Wakkanai Fukuko MarketWakauchi Maruzen Port Store offers fresh seafood. I met one very friendly market lady selling crabs. She was so nice and accommodating that she even got one of the live crabs so that I can take a closer look, touch it, and take photos of it.

After checking out the markets, I crossed the street to visit Shingonji which is temple #27 of the Hokkaido 33 Kannon Pilgrimage. 

Wakkanai City Hall

Ryotokuji Wakkanai

From there, I decided to head up to Wakkanai Park which was located on top of a hill. Along the way, I made brief stops at Wakkanai City Hall and the nearby Ryotokuji. Sadly, the main road up the hill to the park was closed because it was winter. I disappointedly turned back and then proceeded to the next destination in my itinerary which was Hokumon Shrine a few blocks back. 

The hidden passage from Hokumon Shrine to Wakkanai Park

Hokumon Shrine is Japan's northernmost manned shrine. It was situated on the side of the hill with some parts overlooking parts of the city. This shrine was beautiful. I took time exploring it and taking photos of what was on the temple grounds. While taking photos I followed a path on the side of the shrine and was surprised to see myself halfway up the hill going to Wakkanai Park

Gate of Ice and Snow

Heading back to Hokumon Shrine using the hidden passage

I followed the path which lead me to the Gate of Ice and Snow inside Wakkanai Park. During my visit, the park was literally buried in snow and some parts were inaccessible. I contented myself to just take photos and videos of the panoramic view of the city before going back down to Hokumon Shrine

North Breakwater Dome Park

The Backpack Adventures visits the North Breakwater Dome Park

From the shrine, I saw that I still have plenty of time to burn so I proceeded to revisit the North Breakwater Dome Park which I visited last night. Unlike yesterday's visit when I was the only one in the park, there were now a lot of people enjoying the park. I stayed there for about half an hour before going to Wakkanai Station. 

Wakkanai JR Station / Wakkanai Roadside Station

Can you guess what is display is made of?

Hashed Beef with Rice Set at Cafe Mocha Matari

I arrived at Wakkanai Station a little before 12 noon to wait for my 1:01PM train to Toyotomi. While waiting I ordered the Hashed Beef with Rice Set (1100 yen) for lunch at Cafe Mocha Matari inside Wakkanai Station. 

I'm riding the Soya Limited Express Train to Toyotomi

I have plenty of time for a selfie

Inside Toyotomi JR Station waiting for the Engan bus to Rumoi City

From the station, I rode the rapid train to Toyotomi JR Station. The trip took 42 minutes. I arrived at Toyotomi JR Station at 1:42PM. Although I had an hour to wait for the bus home, I stayed in the terminal to rest. 

Finally, the Engan bus to Rumoi is here.

The beautiful sunset along the coast of Rumoi subprefecture

The Engan Bus to Rumoi arrived at around 2:40PM and my whole trip home took 4 hours. When I arrived in Rumoi City, I didn't go straight home but proceeded to Joshua's place for the gyoza-making night. 

Gyoza-making at Joshua's house

It was a full day for me as I was very exhausted when I got home. Overall, I feel that I have spent my long weekend well. I'm looking forward to the next one. 

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  1. Congratulations, you reached Wakkanai. Were you able to see the northernmost point of Japan?


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