10 More Things to Do in Wakkanai City

10 More Things to Do in Wakkanai City

As written before, Wakkanai City (稚内市) is the northernmost city in Japan. If you missed out on the first list, you may want to read it first by clicking this 👉LINK👈.

If you have already accomplished the first list then, here are the 10 More Things to Do in Wakkanai City:

US Army Hamburger at Dino's

1. Order and eat the US Army Hamburger or the Wakkanai U.S. Army Sloppy Joe at Dino’s. My former Tomamae Commercial High School JTE - Hasegawa-sensei highly recommends this. 

Former Set House

2. Visit the Former Seto House and see a perfectly and beautifully preserved 1950s home.

Wakkanai Karafuto Museum

3. Visit the Wakkanai Karafuto Museum and learn about Karafuto – Japan’s lost prefecture.

Wakkanai Animal Land

4. Head over to Wakkanai Animal Land. If you have kids or dogs, or if you love interacting with animals then this place is a must-visit. You can spend half a day or even a whole day here.

Wakkanai Fukuko Market

5. Go shopping for souvenirs and fresh seafood in Wakkanai Fukuko Market. Don't forget to take a picture doing that "Titanic pose" on the bow of the ship inside the market. 

Noshappu Aquarium seal feeding time

6. Visit Noshappu Aquarium and watch the seals during feeding time. You would also learn something new about the different fish housed inside the aquarium. 

Soya Fureai Park

7. Go to Soya Fureai Park and enjoy strolling along the vast park. There is an area of the park where you can admire the beauty of Lake Onuma. If you visit during the winter, you can even go skiing in the park.

Minato no Yu Onsen

8. Take a dip in an onsen. If you’re not staying in a hotel with an onsen then try the day spas or public onsens like the Minato no Yu Onsen in the city proper or the Wakkanai Onsen Dome on the western side of the city.

Cape Soya Park

9. Explore Cape Soya Park and admire the numerous monuments there. As a bonus, head over to Guesthouse Almelia and try their famed Soya Black Beef and the Tako Shabu.

Wakkanai Forest Park Camping Ground

10. Go camping at Wakkanai Forest Park Camping Ground. Pitch your tent in the area with a clearing so that you can have an amazing view of Wakkanai City in the morning while you sip hot coffee/cocoa.

I hope my list of the 10 More Things to Do in Wakkanai City gave you more ideas and inspiration to explore the city soon.


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  1. This is the first time that I read or heard about those places in Wakkanai. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. You're welcome! Please visit Wakkanai City when you have the chance!

  2. That's one ginormous burger.


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