Haboro Shrine - Hokkaido

Haboro Shrine (羽幌神社), located at 6-1 Minamiaodori, Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, is the main shrine of the town of Haboro.

Haboro Shrine

Haboro Shrine details


According to local history, Haboro Shrine was established sometime around 1890 when a dozen fishermen decided to settle in the area. They enshrined Inari Daimyojin in a shrine that they built near the sea to offer prayers for a bountiful catch and also protection when they are out in the vast sea. 

Haboro Shrine - Haboro Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

Eventually, more and more immigrants moved to the town in the following years since its establishment but the town still did not have an official shrine. They, however, replaced the small shrine with an Ujigami or deities worshipped in temporary altars. 

Haboro Shrine Main torii gate

Welcome to Haboro Shrine

This Ujigami was then moved to its current location in 1933 and was officially named Haboro Shrine a year later making it the official shrine of Haboro. Its current Saijin or enshrined deity is Toyotomiketsu

Haboro Shrine - 羽幌神社

Haboro Shrine Temizuya

Haboro Shrine a-gyō komainu

Haboro Shrine un-gyō komainu

Haboro Shrine is the main venue of the annual festival held every July 8-10. The festival is known for the lion dance and the procession of the portable shrines from Kawakita back to Haboro Shrine on the last day of the festival. 

Can you tell me who they are?

The torii to the mini shrine beside Haboro Shrine

忠魂碑 - Loyalty Soul Monument

At present, Haboro Shrine has an area of 103.7 square meters. It currently serves about 3500 households. 

Photos of Haboro Shrine


Haboro Shrine

I got to visit Haboro Shrine for the first time last March 20, 2022. It was my 20th weekend here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. I visited the shrine during winter which made the shrine look magical as it stands out on a white backdrop. That made me want to see it during other seasons, particularly autumn.

Haboro Shrine Entrance Fee 

It's FREE to enter and explore Haboro Shrine grounds.

Haboro Shrine Operating Hours

Haboro Shrine grounds are open 24/7

Why visit Haboro Shrine?

Aside from being the main shrine of Haboro town, Haboro Shrine is also the venue of the town's annual festival which in itself is a must-see. So if you're in Haboro on July 8-10 better head over to the shrine grounds and see it for yourself. 

Getting to Haboro Shrine:

From Sapporo, ride an express bus to Rumoi City. From there, ride the Engan Coastal Bus going to Haboro Office Terminal. 

Haboro Shrine is about 500 meters away from the terminal and can be found along Route 232. 




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  1. Haboro Shrine looks scary on winter.

    1. It is also magical on winter. I love how the whiteness of snow changes Haboro Shrine.

  2. Interesting. I wonder how it looks like in spring or fall.


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