Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan - Hokkaido

Mcdonald's Wakkanai also called Mcdonald's Route 40 Wakkanai (マクドナルド 40号稚内店) is the northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan, located at 3-5-17 Shiomi, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido Prefecture.

マクドナルド 40号稚内店
Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Mcdonald's Wakkanai details

There is actually nothing that makes the Mcdonald's Wakkanai branch stand out from the other Mcdonald's branches in the country. As a matter of fact, the store looks like any other Mcdonald's restaurant in Japan.

Northernmost Mcdonald's In Japan - Wakkanai City, Hokkaido Prefecture

The menu is also similar to those in the rest of the country. The only thing that separates it from the rest is a small plaque found in the parking area beside the sitting Ronald Mcdonald statue. This plaque is inscribed with the details that this branch is the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Welcome to Mcdonald's Wakkanai

Wakkanai's Ronald Mcdonald sits outside the store

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
The Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan marker

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
Northernmost Ronald 

Speaking of the Ronald Mcdonald statue, my friends who saw it said that it is one of the ugliest Ronal Mcdonald statues that they have seen. In Ronald's defense, I said that maybe clowns are not built for harsh cold climates.

Inside the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
It's a normal-looking counter. Time to order dinner

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
Inside Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

I got to visit Mcdonald's Wakkanai last March 20, 2022. It was my 20th weekend here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. I made sure to include it in my itinerary for two reasons. First, it is the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan and second, it's my first time eating Mcdonald's after 139 days of purging my system of its delicious set meals which is kind of a record for me.

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
Cheeseburger + fries and the pink grapefruit lemonade McFizz

Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan
Pink grapefruit lemonade McFizz

The Backpack Adventures visits the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan

Aside from that, I also wanted to try out the pink grapefruit lemonade McFizz as it has been hyped on social media during my visit. Overall,  could say that my body missed all the salt and fat from the burger and fries set meal. It was worth the long commute from Rumoi City. 

Mcdonald's Wakkanai Operating Hours

The Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan is open from 7AM - 11PM every day.

Why visit Mcdonald's Wakkanai?

Why not? I'm just kidding.

For those who are a big fan of Mcdonald's living in the northern part of Hokkaido Prefecture, This place is one of the few Mcdonald's branches that you'd see so make sure to include it in your itinerary if you're visiting Wakkanai City. You get to earn points in Mcdonald's heaven and of course, you get to get bragging rights by taking a photo sitting next to what my friends dubbed the "Ugliest Mcdonald of Japan."

Getting to Mcdonald's Wakkanai

This branch is 3.8 kilometers away from Wakkanai Station which translates to about 40 -50 minutes of travel on foot. 

You can also ride the JR Soya Main Line to Minami Wakkanai from Wakkanai Station and then walk the remaining 1.7 kilometers to Mcdonald's Wakkanai.

Fare: 1050 yen




Overall rating


  1. I was in Sapporo during the Sapporo Snow Festival. Had I known about the Northernmost Mcdonald's in Japan earlier I would have went there. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    1. Head's up, this place is far from Sapporo. It would be quite a trip to go there.

  2. Northernmost Mcdonalds in Japan. I'd love to see that one.


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