Japan Diaries 4: Week 21

Week 21: March 21-25, 2022

Day 140: March 21, 2022

Monday - Wakkanai Backpacking D2

Today, Japan celebrates the Shunbun no Hi or the Vernal Equinox Day. That means it's a holiday today. That's why I am out exploring. As a matter of fact, today is my 2nd day here in Wakkanai, the northernmost city of Hokkaido. You can read about my Wakkanai Backpacking Day 1 👉HERE👈.

Exploring Wakkanai for the 2nd day. I first visited the Wakkanai Nenhoji

I visited the North Breakwater Dome Park before I headed back to the Wakkanai JR Station

For today's adventure, I walked around the city and visited the following places:

🀃 Wakkanai Nenhoji
🀃 Fukuko Road
🀃 Wakauchi Maruzen Port Store
🀃 Shingon-ji
🀃 Wakkanai City Hall
🀃 Ryotoku-ji
🀃 Hokumon Shrine
🀃 Wakkanai Park

I got back to Wakkanai Station a little before 12 noon to wait for my 1:01PM train to Toyotomi. While waiting I ordered the Hashed Beef with Rice Set (1100 yen) for lunch at Cafe Mocha Matari inside Wakkanai Station. 

Lunch for the day - Hashed Beef with Rice Set (1100 yen) at Cafe Mocha Matari 

Here's the train back to Toyotomi JR Station

From the station, I rode the rapid train to Toyotomi JR Station. The trip took 42 minutes. I arrived at Toyotomi JR Station at 1:42PM. Although I had an hour to wait for the bus home, I stayed in the terminal to rest. 

Engan bus from Toyotomi to Rumoi City

The Engan Bus to Rumoi arrived at around 2:40PM. I used my 2-day Skip Moekko Free Ticket back and my whole trip home took 4 hours. When I arrived in Rumoi City, I didn't go straight home but proceeded to Joshua's place for the gyoza-making night. 

Gyoza making night at Joshua's place

It was a full day for me as I was very exhausted when I got home. Overall, I feel that I have spent my long weekend well. I'm looking forward to the next one. You can read the detailed story of my Wakkanai Backpacking Day 2 by clicking this 👉LINK👈.

Day 141: March 22, 2022

Tuesday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 03/22/2022

Back to work at Rumoi High School after a long weekend. I don't have any collaboration work today though but starting in the 3rd until the 6th period, I watched the whole 2nd-year batch play in the recreational games in the gym.

Rumoi High School recreational games

It is fun to see them enjoy the day with their teachers and classmates.

Day 142: March 23, 2022

Wednesday - Haboro

Haboro High School 3/23/2022

It's a cold but beautiful morning today. It is my 4th time visiting Haboro High School. Aside from that, it's also my last visit to the school for this school year. For this trip, I used my last 1-day Moekko Free Ticket

Here's my workload for today:

1st period - English Expressions @ 2nd year of Watanabe-sensei
3rd period - Agree or Disagree @ 1-A of Kawakami-sensei

Haboro High School recreational games

5th period - I watched the 2nd-year students do recreational activities

Day 143: March 24, 2022

Thursday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 3/24/2022

Today, I'm back at Rumoi High School. Sadly, I was greeted with goodbyes. The teachers who are retiring and transferring were thanked during the morning advisory. 

Thank you so much for working with me:


Tanaka-sensei (Shikou-sensei)


I didn't have any collaboration work today but we attended a special meeting specially for those who are retiring and transferring. They were also given time to say their farewell messages in the afternoon. It was an emotional day. Not to mention, it was also the last day of the school year 2021-2022 today.

Day 144: March 25, 2022

Friday - Rumoi

Rumoi High School 3/25/2022

Good morning everyone. TGIF! It's pretty busy here in Rumoi High School today. People are occupied boxing their stuff and moving them around in preparation for the commode shuffling in the future. 

I spent the day making workings for the next school year. 

As for me, I spent my day going through the lessons for the next school year and also crafting worksheets for them. Regardless, I made cleaned my desk by throwing away paperwork that accumulated in my commode. It was a tiring day for me as well as I immediately fell asleep when I got back home officially ending my work week. See you this weekend!

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