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The Hokkaido Seabird Center (北海道海鳥センター), located at 1 Chome Kita 6 Jo, Haboro Town in Hokkaido Prefecture, is the only facility in Japan that promotes research and a deeper understanding of seabirds. 

 Hokkaido Seabird Center

Hokkaido Seabird Center details


The Hokkaido Seabird Center (北海道海鳥センター) is appropriately located in Haboro which is a town that prides itself on the seabirds of Teuri Island particularly the ororon bird (common murre). 

Hokkaido Seabird Center - Haboro, Hokkaido Prefecture

As a matter of fact, the town mascot, Orobo is an ororon bird with a shrimp hat.

Dear readers, meet Orobo.

Hokkaido Seabird Center entrance

Hokkaido Seabird Center
A large wooden owl head will greet you when you enter the center. 

Going back, Haboro not only prides itself on its seabirds, but the town is also actively and continuously developing environmental education not only for its locals but also for people outside the region.

Hokkaido Seabird Center
Look at that alcohol dispenser

The Hokkaido Seabird Center has numerous interactive and informative displays which are worth checking out. Although it is not obviously marked or displayed, the Hokkaido Seabird Center is actually divided into different areas. These areas are:

Seabird Ecology Introduction Center

The other displays in the Hokkaido Seabird Center

Things that wash up ashore in Haboro

The info panels contain interesting information about the different seabirds in the regions.

Teuri Island and its seabirds

Seabird Ecology Introduction Center - This area introduces the ecology of seabirds. There are info panels that talk about the different seabirds in the region.

Diorama of Seabirds Breeding Grounds

Can you spot the seagulls?

What other seabirds can you see?

Diorama of Seabird Breeding Ground - This area has a very realistic reproduction of a cliff where seabirds build their nests and live. From the second floor, visitors can use the interactive panels to highlight each displayed bird. There are also binoculars here to help you see the birds from a distance. 

Seabird Eggs Model

This seabird is the hardest one to find here in the center

You would see the different seabird eggs in this area.

Bird Egg Model - Displayed in this area are eight kinds of lifesize seabird eggs that breed on Teuri Island. If you pay close attention, you'd also hear the cry of a seabird in her nest. Try to find out where this nest is. 

Habitat of the Seabirds

The Great Auk (status = extinct)

Habitat of the Seabirds - This area has panels about the world distribution of the seabirds and their population on Teuri Island. There are also lifesize seabird models here created by Haruo Uchiyama, the leading bird model maker in Japan

Hokkaido Seabird Center mini library

Look at who is guarding the books

Hokkaido Seabird Center audio-visual room

Other areas in the Hokkaido Seabird Center are the mini library and the audio-visual room.

The Backpack Adventures visits Hokkaido Seabird Center

I got to visit the Hokkaido Seabird Center for the first time last March 20, 2022, which was my 20th weekend here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme.

Even the manhole cover of Haboro features seabirds

Overall, the Hokkaido Seabird Center is an interesting place to learn about a particular set of animals that I have very little knowledge about. It also made me interested in visiting Teuri Island just to see these birds.

Hokkaido Seabird Center Admission Fee: 

It's FREE to enter and explore the Hokkaido Seabird Center.

Hokkaido Seabird Center Operating Hours:

The Hokkaido Seabird Center is open:
9AM - 5PM April - October
9AM - 4PM November - March
Closed on Mondays, the day after national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays. 

Why visit Hokkaido Seabird Center?

Hokkaido Seabird Center might not be as big as most museums in Japan but what it lacks in size it made up for the tons of information about seabirds that one can get. You will learn about the biology of the birds up to conservation. So what are you waiting for? Visit Hokkaido Seabird Center when you are in Haboro. 

Getting to Hokkaido Seabird Center:

From Sapporo Station, ride the Engan Express Bus or Chuo Bus going to Rumoi City. From there, transfer to the Engan Coastal Bus and board down at Engan Bus Honsha Terminal.  Walk for about 700 meters going in the direction of the Haboro Onsen Sunset Plaza. The Hokkaido Seabird Center is behind it. 




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  1. First time to hear about a seabird center. I will include this in my itinerary in the future.

    1. Please do include the Hokkaido Seabird Center in your itinerary when you visit Haboro.


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