Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden - Hokkaido

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden (金浦原生花園) is a little-known yet must-see tourist destination along the National Highway Route 232 on the outskirts of town. It is located at 253-1 and 255-1 Konoura in the town of Embetsu in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden details

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden (金浦原生花園)

The map of Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden 

From mid-June to late June, fully bloomed daylilies turn the coastal area near the National Highway bright yellow, making Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden a must-see during this short period. Aside from the daylilies, the other flowers that bloom in the garden are:

Ezonewa – Late June – early July

Akanemugra – Early to mid-July

Otogirisou – mid-August

Kusaredama – mid-August

Daylilies in full bloom

Daylilies turn the garden yellow

To fully appreciate this natural phenomenon, there is an elevated wooden pathway in the garden where you can safely stroll and take photos of the flowers. Aside from that, there is also a free parking area for about 15-20 vehicles in the garden. Heads up though, there are no toilets here.

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden walking path

On a clear day, visitors would be able to see Mt. Rishiri making it a beautiful backdrop to the flower-covered garden.

Team Nicerio visits Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden

My family and I visited Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden for the first time last August 12, 2022which was my 41st week here in Japan as an ALT under the JET Programme. It was one of the destinations that we visited on the 1st day of our 5-day Drive Up North Road Trip. It was the first place that we visited in Embetsu. During our visit, my daughter and I strolled around the garden. Sadly, the daylilies have long wilted and only a few Kusaredama were visible. Regardless, we enjoyed our stroll around the garden because of the fresh sea breeze and cool weather.

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden Entrance Fee

It’s FREE to enter and explore Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden. Parking is also free.

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden Operating Hours

Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden is open 24/7 whole year round. However, the best time to visit is from June to July when the flowers bloom.

Why visit Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden?

If you manage to visit on a clear day in June – July then you would surely say that this place is a must-visit destination in Embetsu. Visitors would surely love the scenic view and the fresh sea breeze in the area.

Getting to Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden


Take the Engan Bus from Rumoi City to Gimpo 2nd Kanaura dai-2 or Gimpo No. 1 Kanaura dai-1 Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden is only a few meters away from those bus stops. If you intend to travel by bus, make sure to obtain bus schedule information so that you do not miss the next bus. Keep in mind that the town of Embetsu is approximately 4 kilometers north of the garden so you might need to walk there if you miss the bus.

Travel time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Fare: 2040 yen

For me, Gimpo Primeval Flower Garden is best visited using your car as it allows you to explore the garden without the worries of missing the next bus.




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